You Can Now Get Beer That Tastes Like Fruity Pebbles

You Can Now Get Beer That Tastes Like Fruity Pebbles

Ah, brewers, the mad scientists of the booze world. Just last month, we heard about a beer engineered to taste like Lucky Charms, and this month, a Baltimore brewery released a sour ale made with Fruity Pebbles.

The sparkly brew is also infused with edible glitter, making it not only weirdly tasty but also an Instagrammable masterpiece. Sour Me Unicorn Farts (yes, that’s the real name) is brewed by DuClaw Brewing in collaboration with Diablo Doughnuts, originally inspired by the bakery’s Unicorn Farts donut.

“We were inspired by the way [Diablo founder] Ros continuously pushes the envelope with flavors and recipes,” said Dave Benfield, DuClaw’s founder, and president, in a statement. “The process and pace with which they operate are strangely similar to our approach to innovation—constant creativity, ideation, and testing.”

The beer is 5.5 percent ABV, and a portion of the proceeds from the launch event will benefit The Pride Center of Maryland. If you can’t wait until the cans hit shelves in early April, you can score cans at the Baltimore brewery now.

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