What Type of Wine Drinker are You?

What Type of Wine Drinker are You?

What Type of Wine Drinker Are You?

You know wine drinkers come in every shape and size. You can categorize yourself in different ways. There are some recommendations to help enhance wine experience, this is based on personal habits and preferences. Let’s have fun and explore this idea. But it is important to have a balance.

What sort of wine drinker would you say you are?

What Type of Wine Drinker Are You?

For the good of comparison (and for a chuckle), we’ve cooled off the fundamental qualities of some well known anecdotal wine drinkers.

1. Free Soul

You’re the kind of individual who dependably has an arrangement, a sharp rebound, and a few jugs of the well done. Your smarts (and your mentality) have gotten you into inconvenience, however, you generally begin with the best expectations. It’s actual, you have a weakness for the little person… and, to be honest, the contrary sex.

What’s in your glass?

You are the perfect complement to a juicy steak or a juicy, masculine man. Always assertive and direct, you command discussion and want your voice to be heard.
You enjoy the classics and have a thing for old-world affairs. Just like Cameron Diaz, you only get better with age.

2. “I drink anything but…”

This type of wine drinkers is very interesting. They have had a bad experience before probably with a bottle or two and they have taken their mind off grape entirely. These wine drinkers drink anything but Merlot or even Chardonnay. Chardonnay typically makes the list but some of them must have tried the cheap chardonnay and they mostly taste like a buttery piece of lumber. I wouldn’t blame them

What’s in your glass?

If there is one movement that tickles your taste for the strange it’s natural wine. Natural wine is the only wine that embellishes and honours the strange, rotten-but-not, fermentation aromas derived from wild yeasts. If natural wine is the oyster of the wine world, then you are hunting for pearls

3. “I’ll try whatever you’re pouring”.

These wine drinkers are my favourite! This group is are always willing to try something new. During wine tasting, there is usually many customers who have never tried a particular wine before. Its Fun when a customer is willing to try them all. It gives us a chance to hear them talk about all the variants they have tried. it better to be a lookout on a favourite new wine.

WIne is best when its served with friends, Family and food. We often take wine way too seriously. Tonight try this, open a bottle of rose with whoever you are hanging out with. You may find yourself in a new category

4. From the New World to the Old

This type of people It’s difficult to stump on them, They adore their drink since it mirrors the ethereal idea of life. Obviously, not very many others share the dimension of comprehension and discussions can be a bit – will we say– tedious?

When they jump on a tirade, it’s difficult to stop them. They know almost all the wine there is they have tried it all and can find fault in drinks.

What’s in your glass?

Pinot Noir: The main grape similarly as finicky as you are nevertheless incredible when-done-right is Pinot Noir. This grape develops about all over the place, yet you can name the best spots for it (on the planet) on your fingers.

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