Top 7 Spanish Wines In Nigeria

Top 7 Spanish Wines In Nigeria

In this article, we’ll be looking at the top 7 Spanish wines in Nigeria. Nigeria is the home top-quality wines from various countries, but we will be looking at the top best selling Spanish wines in the Nigerian wine market.

Here are the top 7 Spanish Wines In Nigeria

Castillo Grande

Castillo Grande Sweet Red Wine – 75CL

Castillo Grande meaning “Great Castle” is a captivating wine from Spain’s sun-drenched vineyards. Castillo Grande Tempranillo is a soft easy-drinking red wine, full of delicious fruit. Castillo Grande is a captivating red wine from Spain. A light and sweet red wine with fruit flavors, soft and easy to drink.

Domino Del Rey

Dominio Del Rey Sweet Red Wine - 75CL

A Spanish red wine, with an alcohol volume of 10.50%. Domino Del Rey red wine is a perfect companion for a variety of foods. A delicate and well balanced red wine with floral aromas and soft pleasant flavors.

Escudo Rojo


Escudo Rojo is a red wine from Chile with an alcohol content of 14%. It is elegant and has an attractive ruby red color. The taste is fresh, complex, and sweet. You will get some hint of ripe red fruits like raspberry, cherry, and blackberry. This is a perfect wedding wine.

Lamothe Parrot

Lamothe Parrot Sweet - Ekulo Group of Companies, Nigeria

Lamothe Parrot is a sweet and fruity red wine that pairs perfectly with local Nigerian dishes. It is tender in the mouth. This classic red wine is going to be a big part of wedding celebrations in Nigeria very soon. Lamothe Parrot has an alcohol volume of 8%.

Baron Romero

Baron Romero Red Wine - 750ml | Konga Online Shopping

Baron Romero is a dry-red wine, with a bouquet of sweet blackcurrant and cherry, intermingled with loamy soil notes, subtle spicy undertones, and an integrated oak finish.

Escudo Rojo Wine Chardonnay

Escudo Rojo Chardonnay

The finish is long and elegant. The wine has an elegant, complex flavor with subtle accents of white flowers and toasted hazelnuts on a background of exotic fruit tones and notes.
Las Villas Wine
El Villar Las Villas Blanco U.V. | Wine Info

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