Tapì Releases Lockable Closure Mekano

Tapì Releases Lockable Closure Mekano

Italian closures specialist Tapì has released a new ‘lockable’ closure called Mekano, which it says can be used for spirits, beer, wine, olive oil and soft drinks bottles.

The closure has three parts which fit together to form a “one-piece closure”. Each of the components can be customised in terms of the colour and design.

Tapì said the closures can be re-used, are suitable for use during pasteurisation, and are capable of withstanding up to six-bars of pressure.

Made from “high performance” technopolymers, the closure is recyclable and “easy to use”. It is said to have a “high oxygen barrier” can be used on bottles stored at up to 45°C.

The closures can be fitted with two different seals: one for use with carbonated drinks and the other for non-carbonated.

It also has a safety lock belt, which prevents the closure from coming out when the pressure is increased.

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