Save 30% across all Edinburgh Whisky Academy courses

Save 30% across all Edinburgh Whisky Academy courses

The Edinburgh Whisky Academy is a Scottish Qualifications Authority certified centre of learning for whisky and gin education.

The courses, both online and in-person diplomas, are designed for anyone seeking an in-depth understanding of whisky, including its history, production process, maturation and sensory aspects. As well as enthusiasts from across the world, the Academy works with a wide range of drinks companies and brands, helping them enhance the skills, knowledge and presence of their workforce.

All of the Academy’s qualifications have been developed with notable experts within the industry, with each providing content according to their specialisms, which ensures each course is highly relevance and has the highest standards of learning.

I have been researching and writing about whisky for 30 years but still learned a lot from the Diploma. I cannot recommend it too highly


‘Inspired by the spirit of support throughout the drinks industry during the coronavirus pandemic, we offered our clients complementary access to our “Focus on Flavour” online module,’ said Edinburgh Whisky Academy Founder, Kirsty McKerrow.

‘We wanted to help, even in a small way, those who might be missing out on vital education whilst away from their places of work. But we also wanted to help connect people through a shared love of whisky via our online platforms and alumni community.

‘We were taken aback by the response, with appreciation from whisky professionals who accessed the course all over the world. This inspired us to go further and extend our offer not just across all of our courses, but to whisky consumers as well.’

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