Quick 5 Tips on How to Beat a Hangover

Quick 5 Tips on How to Beat a Hangover

We do not support heavy drinking or getting drunk, but we do understand that there are hangover mornings after a night of when you had a little more than moderate to drink.

For some funny reason that we will leave to scientists to explain, we do not get hangovers with the alcohol still in our system. It means that that headache, loss of appetite, nauseating feeling, and dizziness that we feel in the morning comes after the alcohol has been totally broken and has escaped from our bodies.

One thing is a fact though, people experience hangovers differently – while you may have a strong headache, another maybe really dizzy. However, there are quick simple tips that can help us avoid hangovers no matter how you experience it.

Tips on How to Beat a Hangover

1. Never drink on an empty stomach

This is like a general rule of thumb for most alcohol drinkers. Drinking with an empty stomach makes the alcohol to be absorbed quickly into your system, leading to quick intoxication, and of course, a bad hangover. It is advisable to eat a nice meal that is heavy on carbs before hitting the bar.

2. Interlace with water

Ordinarily, when you wake with a hangover, the thirsty and dry mouth you get is a signal of your body calling for water and more water. This means that occasionally taking a drink of water while you have your glass of single malt whisky or fine cognac will not only slow down the intoxication process, but will also help avoid any annoying headaches in the morning.

3. Do not mix

Do not go from a bottle of beer to a glass of champagne and end the night doing shots of tequila. If you do that, your brain will only fry from a terrible hangover in the morning. However, if you are too tempted to take more than one type of booze on a night, it is best to go from the stronger liquors to the lighter ones. The strong ones will already get you feeling tipsy, helping you make a better decision of not indulging any further.

4. Keep it clear

Another quick tip is to steer clear off dark liquor on a night of heavy drinking. It is better to settle for clearer spirits like vodka and gin as the impact of the hangover in the morning is far more less than one from cognac or champagne.

5. Moderation is key

This should be number one but we intentionally kept it for last. Hangovers are a result of heavy drinking and nothing more. So the lesser you drink, the lesser the chances of having any hangovers the morning after. Aside from avoiding hangovers, moderate drinking is far more beneficial to the human body than having to drink much.

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