New Study Reveals What Millennials Are Drinking

New Study Reveals What Millennials Are Drinking

Though Millennials may seem perplexing to other generations, there’s one thing everyone can agree on: People of all ages love a good drink.

To figure out if millennials’ alcohol preferences differ from those of Generation X and baby boomers, data specialists Frontier 7 conducted a case study, analyzing a sample of men and women from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, orientations, and ages within the cohort.

The test analyzed millennials’ associations with specific types of drinks and found that the majority viewed beer and wine as “relaxed and happy” while associating bourbonscotchvodkatequilarum and gin with terms such as “sick” and “drunk.” Gender biases also became evident, as the majority of millennials felt specialty cocktails were “girly.”

Millennials may be loyal to their drink of choice, but they’re willing to give other liquors a shot if conformity calls. Millennials in the study showed a strong preference for beer, with wine and vodka drinks close behind, but most participants were open to friends’ recommendations for specific drinks.

Just like in real estate, location matters for millennial drinkers. At home, they tend to enjoy a glass of wine or a well-crafted beer. But they opt for specialty cocktails when out at a bar or restaurant and choose vodka and rum when partying at a friend’s house.

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