Most Beautiful Wineries of Napa Valley: Sherwin Family Vineyards

Most Beautiful Wineries of Napa Valley: Sherwin Family Vineyards

We all want that quintessential dose of Napa Valley. It’s the idea of enjoying world-class wines while gazing at lush, rolling vineyards. At Sherwin Family Vineyards, this vision is a reality. This small, family-owned winery offers 90+ point rated wines from a tasting room overlooking some of the most scenic vine-covered hilltops around. With its secluded, crowd-free property, Sherwin Family Vineyards makes our cut as one of the most beautiful places in Napa Valley.

The view from the Sherwin Family Vineyards terrace.

Part of Sherwin Family Vineyards’ beauty stems from its location. The winery is perched high atop the rural Spring Mountain District of Napa Valley. It’s removed from the bustle of Highway 29 — and the tourist crowds as well. On the drive up, you’ll wind through the forests of Spring Mountain. The trees occasionally part to reveal alluring glimpses of neatly trellised vines. Upon arrival, the verdant vines of Sherwin Family Vineyards emerge from the surrounding forest.

Entering the tasting room, there is the sensation of setting foot inside someone’s home. The rustic wood interior is warmed by carpets, a fireplace, and framed paintings. This intimate setting forms the basis of a private, one-on-one tasting where winemaking staff will share the vineyard’s extensive history and wines. Visits are by appointment only, enhancing the exclusivity of the experience.

All of the wines are built to be approachable, yet ageworthy. The cooler climate and magnified diurnal swing of Spring Mountain creates Cabernet Sauvignon with rich aromatics and tannins. Our personal favorite was the Cellar Scraps blend. This unique wine is a nonvintage blend of leftover estate Cabernet Sauvignon, and it is absolutely delicious. Ripe black cherry and brambly mountain berries burst forth on the palate, along with vanilla, cinnamon, and a hint of cocoa. Its tannins are lush and velvety, with the potential to age well, but also entirely drinkable now.

Visiting Sherwin Family Vineyards, we were left with a sense of peace from its natural beauty, and deep satisfaction from its remarkable wines. To learn more about Sherwin Family Vineyards or make an appointment, visit

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