Marussia Beverages Buys Itkulsky Distillery

Marussia Beverages Buys Itkulsky Distillery

Spirits producer and distributor Marussia Beverages has acquired a controlling stake in Siberia’s oldest operating distillery, Itkulksy.

Mamont Vodka is packaged in a tusk-shaped bottle

The site, based in Altaï, was founded in 1868 and is said to be the only distillery in Russia to produce alcohol from pure malt.

Itkulsky Distillery has an annual production capacity of 24 million litres of vodka and an additional yearly production capacity of some 10m litres of neutral spirit.

The site’s capacity will allow Marussia Beverages to double Mamont Vodka’s share in the Russian market by mid-2021, as well as begin production on two new premium vodka brands.

Super-premium vodka Mamont is made in one of Russia’s oldest distilleries at the foot of the Altai Mountains. In 2019, sales of Mamont reached approximately 30,000 cases. It is currently available in 35 countries.

Etienne de Salins, director of Marussia Beverages Group, said: “We are proud of the addition of the Itkulsky Distillery to our group of companies. Itkulsky has a strong reputation for producing super-premium quality alcohols (both vodkas and neutral spirits) which is mainly attributable to the skills and expertise of the local production team.”

“This acquisition is a big step forward and will enable the group to extend its vodka product range, whilst assuring the high-quality level of our portfolio.”

Marussia Beverages will also launch its premium Japanese spirits portfolio in the UK at London show Think Spirits, which will be held on 15 September 2020.

Sarah Gandy, head of marketing for Marussia Beverages UK, added: “The purchase of the Itkulsky distillery will have a very positive impact on our distribution of super-premium vodkas here in the UK.

“Obviously Covid-19 and the shutdown of the UK on-trade has slowed things down temporarily, but with changing consumer consumption habits of drinking more at home and ordering online for home delivery this will help to balance things out while we look forward to on-premise establishments being opened up again.”

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