Kickstarter Update: More Ebony Muddlers Please!

Kickstarter Update: More Ebony Muddlers Please!

Update #1 Posted via Kickstarter on 11/17/16

Hi Backers!

First off, thank you so much to our first backers and the support you’ve pledged to our campaign the first day!  Early backers mean so much to us, and you’ve enabled us to reach nearly 60% of our funding in the first 24 hours.

Here’s a little video update from us saying thanks, and chatting a little about Ebony. 

The basic thing to know is that we are making MORE Ebony Muddlers available. We’ve got details below the video on how this works.

(video note: it sounds like we said there is NO WAY you’ll get any of the additional Ebony Muddlers by Christmas.  What we mean is, we cannot 100% guarantee any additional muddlers will ship by Christmas. We’re going to do our best 😉 Read on for more)

One of the reasons we love working with Kickstarter is that we are able to gather immediate information from our backers about what they want. In the last day, you’ve told us that you want Ebony Muddlers.  

Many of you have contacted us wanting to add extra Ebony Muddlers to your pledge, and we’ve nearly sold out of all the muddlers we listed in the limited ebony reward tiers.


More Ebony Muddlers are now Available!

We’ve added new reward tiers for you to pre-order additional Ebony Muddlers.  You can also get an extra one at your current reward level by adding $55 to your pledge.

We cannot 100% guarantee that these will be shipped out by Christmas, but it’s very likely we’ll have access to more ebony wood next week, and we’ll do our best to make as many as we can before the end of the Kickstarter Project. 

Beyond the first 50 that are guaranteed for Christmas, we’ll be fulfilling Ebony Muddlers in the order they are pledged for. That could be by Christmas, or it could be January. Once we run out of locally available ebony, the next batch will arrive from Cameroon in a few months, so we’d fulfill the rest of the muddlers late Spring. So if you want to add a +1 Muddler to your pledge, or if you want to upgrade to Ebony from Maple, you can do that now! Check out the FAQ at the bottom of the project page for more.


Rachel Eva & Shawn Michael

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