Island Bay Hard Seltzer Launches in the Uk

Island Bay Hard Seltzer Launches in the Uk

With hard seltzers poised to take Britain by storm this summer, another low-calorie American brand has hit UK shores – Island Bay.

At 70 calories per can, Island Bay ticks all the trend boxes, as it’s also vegan, zero carb, 5% ABV, and made with natural fruit flavours.

Made with a continuously distilled alcohol base, the hard seltzer comes in three flavours: strawberry, watermelon and mango, and is targeted at millennials and health conscious consumers. A 250ml can will cost £2.25 in the UK.

The rapid rise of hard seltzers in the US has been one of the greatest drinks industry success stories in recent history. Sales in the US have risen by over 200% in the last year, and are predicted to rocket in the UK this summer.

“As life becomes more demanding, consumers are looking for brands to provide solutions that will enhance their lives with minimal effort. Health and wellbeing are high on the consumer agenda and a key focus for Island Bay Hard Seltzer,” the brand’s founder, Mudassar Aziz, said.

“A great deal of care has gone into balancing ingredients to get the right blend of flavour, carbonation and alcohol, creating a delicately light and refreshing taste that appeals to our core base.

“We aim to be a key player in the hard seltzer category being available in leading retailers, independent stores and online,” he added.

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