How to Start Drinks Supply, Distribution and Marketing Business in Nigeria

How to Start Drinks Supply, Distribution and Marketing Business in Nigeria

Have you thought of goods and products that you can supply that you can make money from? Have you looked around your environment to see what people need and try to supply the goods and products they need? Read How to Start Drinks Supply, Distribution and Marketing Business in Nigeria .

There are a lot of goods and products that can be supplied to start a business and one of such products is drinks which you can supply to make money from.

So if you are have been looking for a business that you can do and guarantees you substantial income then you can start the business of supplying drinks to people and organizations for their various uses.

What this Business needs

The business involves you buying drinks at wholesale prices from producers, depots, distributors and major sellers of the product and supplying to people at a price to make some profit.

The business involves you having a bit of money to spare especially if you are willing to supply a lot of people including private individuals and organizations and events.

If you do not have such money to spare, you can start little by concentrating on supplying people in your neighborhood or around your area like to retailers who will then sell to the final consumer.

Reasons this business is good for you

High Demand for Drinks

People drink a lot which makes the demand for any type of drink high. We see drinks every where as people consume it a lot. It is taken to “cool off” especially when it is cold and people are relaxing, it is taken when people want to eat and do not necessary want to have water. Generally people take drinks a lot which makes the business a good one to start.

Also with drinks it is open to every one as there are drinks for children and adults depending on what they will like to take.


A lot of events take place on a daily basis. For example in Nigeria, people are fun loving and like to celebrate a lot and like marking a milestone achieved.

For this reason we have a lot of events taking place in a lot places around the country on a regular basis. We see events like birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, naming ceremonies, anniversaries, graduation parties, engagement parties and lots more where people celebrate a lot.

At such events people have a lot of drinks, which is a major item at such events. In fact there are people that will always say an event or party without having any form of drink at all is definitely not complete.

Also apart from private individuals having their own parties and events the business world is not left out as they also have events they organize.

We see companies and organizations hold various events like seminars, forums, launching and lots more. We there fore see a lot of different type of drinks served at these events making the product to be high in demand.


Another good thing of this business is that there are a variety of drinks you can supply as there are a lot of choices and options available when you want to start the business.

You can choose to supply soft drinks or minerals, alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks, wine, fruit drinks, juices and lots more.

You can also decide to supply all types of drinks if you feel you can cope and manage the business well as this will help you increase your customer base as well as the money you will make.

Requirement to Start this Business 

Learn the Business

The business may sound easy for you to start or do but to avoid entering any problem it will be better you take time out to properly learn the business.

You will need to learn where to buy the drinks or if possible to find out if you can be supplied by the various depots for little or no fee at all.

You can also learn the fast moving products in the market and what people demand more for and the quantities you can buy to make good money.

You can get some one who has been in the business to show you the way around the business as well as the things you will need to avoid.

How to do this Business

Before starting, you will map out your strategy of how you want to run the business including the people and market you want to serve.

Will you cater to people around your neighborhood and sell to retailers who in turn sell to people to consume or will you focus on supplying drinks to people and organizations that have intentions of hosting various events.

The profitability of drink distribution business depend on the customers you will get to supply the drinks.
All you need is to make sure you contact customers that will need the products such as drinking palour, restaurants, sitouts, event cetres and more.
After building your customer list, you can go ahead to place your order with the supply companies.

Staffing Strategies

As the business grows, you will need to employ people that will assist you in supply the drinks especially when you a lot of customers and events to supply.

Ensure they have some level of experience and are hard working and if they have no experience, they should be willing to learn on the job. They should be neat and presentable with good customer service skills.


When supplying the drinks you will need a vehicle to transport them. If you do not have enough money to buy a vehicle you can hire a vehicle to help you carry the drinks to their location until you are able to buy your own vehicle.

Before starting the business, make sure you do a feasibility study, register the business and fulfill on requirements needed by the authorities.

You can advertise the business buy networking with people around you at meetings and events among other places and tell them about your business.

Create business cards to give to people and you can also promote your business online.

This could be a good business to start! What do you think?

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