Differences Between Johnnie Walker Labels

Differences Between Johnnie Walker Labels

For over 200 years now, the iconic Johnnie Walker label has been a favored whiskey blend, with a total of 19 varieties in its collection. In this article, we will get to know the different flavors of one of the best-selling whiskey brands in the world.

There are over 8 Johnnie Walker Colours, 4 Explorers’ Club Collection, and 7 John Walker & Sons labels in the Johnnie Walker whiskey shelf.

Johnnie Walker Colours

The Colours are the more commonly known labels. These are the classic blends that have immortalized the Johnnie Walker name in the scotch whiskey market. They are represented by the following colors, which we often see at parties.

1. Johnnie Walker Red Label

Johnnie Walker Red Label

the pioneering blend of the brand. The Red Label bursts with vibrant flavors, creating depth mixed from the light whiskey of East coast Scotland to the peaty whiskeys of the West. Pair this usually with fruity flavors like apple or pear for a long lingering, smoky taste.

2. Johnnie Walker Black Label

 Johnnie Walker Black Label

Johnnie Walker Black Label – the true gentleman’s drink. The Black label offers a rich, complex taste of depth originating from the whiskey’s blend and maturation which at the very least, takes 12 years to complete.

3. Johnnie Walker Double Black

Johnnie Walker Double Black

a more intense take on the Black Label. The Double Black is influenced by the West Coast and Island whiskeys of Scotland. Best taken on the rocks.

4. Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

 Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

let’s simmer it down a bit with this smooth label. Now, the Gold Label Reserve is somewhat creamy and smooth in texture. The honey tone is a marriage of flavors between the Speyside and Highland whiskeys. The sweetness of the blend pairs perfectly with apple juice and soda.

5. Johnnie Walker Platinum Label 18-Year-Old

 Johnnie Walker Platinum Label 18-Year-Old

yes, as the name suggests this whiskey may as well be older than your children. Matured for at least 18 years, the intriguing tastes of citrus and fragrant almonds are evident in the blend. Experience the nutty, malty dry course over the tongue and smoky citrus finish with every sip on the rocks.

6. Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

for color, this label is a rare find in the supermarket due to the quantities produced worldwide. The Blue Label has a rich smoky taste unrivaled because of the careful process of creating such a masterpiece. You will soon find yourself swimming in honey-like flavors such as hazelnuts and sherry only to be surprised with the many hidden secrets of flavor in stores such as dark chocolate, dried fruits, and spices.

7. Johnnie Walker Green Label

 Johnnie Walker Green Label

imagine this, the maturation process for the Green Label takes 15 years to complete with malt obtained from the different Scottish regions. The result, a unique combination of matured malt whiskey hailing from Speyside, Highland, Lowland, and the Scottish Islands.

8. Johnnie Walker Island Green

Johnnie Walker Island Green

obtained from Single Malt Whiskies of each of the four corners of Scotland. It oozes with the character of a single malt whiskey with the inclusion of rich toffee and fresh black pepper.

Johnnie Walker Explorers’ Club Collection

The Explorers’ Club is an international non-profit organization, dedicated to scientific research exploration and expedition planning. The Johnnie Walker Label has partnered with the Club to produce explorer-inspired labels in support of their cause.

  • The Adventurer – this label is a combination of robust smokiness and sweet fruits. It is inspired by the travels of Johnnie Walker to the different countries of the world.

  • The Spice Road – recalling the taste of the ancient Persian, Indian, and Chinese trade routes, the blend is much like the Red Label with the addition of cinnamon and pepper.

  • The Gold Route – attempting to achieve the taste and experience of the Amazonia and Caribbean, a rush of guava, coconut, mango, and pitaya are the seeping flavors of this label.

  • The Royal Route – reliving the glory of the ancient silk roads of Persia, the whiskey offers an exquisite taste of richly stewed dried fruits paired with a malty, toffee sweetness.

John Walker & Sons

John Walker & Sons

These are the exclusive blends dedicated to the milestones achieved by the label.

John Walker & Sons XR 21 – this 21 year-aged whiskey is in celebration of Sir Alexander Walker II’s knighthood under King George V. It offers an intriguing taste of honey and tempered spices hinting with citrus zest, ripened tropical fruits, and caramel.

John Walker & Sons King George V – a luxury whiskey hinting roasted nuts and dark chocolate to commemorate the King’s issuance of a Royal Warrant to the business back in 1934. The whiskey gathered for this label is obtained only from the distilleries active during King George’s reign.  

John Walker & Sons Private Collection 2014 – 2017 – are a series of experimental flavors developed throughout the year. It is the label’s dedication to pursuing newer and bolder flavors of whiskey each year.

John Walker & Sons Odyssey – this triple malt blend is a celebration of the label’s early trade voyages during the 20th century.

John Walker & Sons The John Walker – also known as the Founder’s Blend, the whiskey used for this only comes from casks existent during John Walker’s time.

John Walker & Sons Diamond Jubilee – a blend dedicated to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II following her ascension to the throne in 1952. This blend was released in 2012 and contains grain and malt varieties.

Johnnie Walker – The Limited Edition

Johnnie Walker – The Limited Edition

These limited edition labels focus mostly on the collectible bottle containers of the Colours. Namely, the:

  • Johnnie Walker Black Label Limited Edition – which features a mirror mosaic of the iconic Striding Man.

  • Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Limited Edition – which is completely covered in gold lacquer, displaying elegance in design.

  • Johnnie Walker Blue Label Limited Edition – which displays the whiskey in an elegantly packed collectible bottle and casing.

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