Bosca Toselli Wine

Bosca Toselli Wine

Bosca Toselli Wine – Bosca is famous for its Spumante, and Toselli is not de-alcoholised but a spumante obtained from blending the famous Moscato and other Premium grape-varieties.

Based on our know-how and years of research, the fermentation of the pressed grape juice is indeed stopped at a very precise and critical moment, before it develops alcohol.

This is what distinguishes our TOSELLI from all other non-alcoholic beverages in the market, makes it totally unique! In today’s health-conscious world, there is utmost attention in alcohol consumption, and Toselli is the perfect answer to the constant search of alternatives to wine that still provide the consumer with the social excitement of a glass of wine.

Store in the fridge once opens Serve chilled.

Bosca Toselli Wine-Price

Toselli Spumante White wine

₦1,100 (bottle)- ₦6,500(carton)

Toselli is a non alcoholic spumante with an extremely pleasant taste, unique in its category. Slightly sparkling, delicately sweet, with a great bouquet.

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