Best Tasting Non-Alcoholic Wine In Nigeria In 2020

Best Tasting Non-Alcoholic Wine In Nigeria In 2020

Most Nigerians love to have a taste of wine for most celebrations or just for personal in-take at home. Wines do have their own unique taste which they give to the taste buds. Non-alcoholic wines are made from fruits like apples, citrus fruits, and grapes which are well processed then packaged.  In this post, we’ll be looking at the best tasting non-alcoholic wines In Nigeria 2020 family consumption.

Here is the best tasting non-alcoholic wine in Nigeria in 2020.

Casa Dorada Wine

Casa Dorada Non-Alcoholic Wine one of the best family wines made for everyone, it is healthy and feels good when served cold. It is still good and Sparkling.

Looking for the Perfect Drinks for Your Event? Saharan Distillers ...if you want a taste of red and sparkling wine with zero alcohol, Casa Dorada got you covered. 

Veleta Wines

Veleta sparkling wine is a wine produced in Spain by a family-owned winery named Dominio Buenavista.

Veleta Sparkling Fruit Drink 75cl – Kaduna Solutions

They use traditional methods with modern facilities to produce wines of exceptional quality.

Chamdor Wine

Chamdor Sparkling Red Wine 750ml

Chamdor Sparkling Red Grape Juice has a nice aroma that is lively and a delicate grape bouquet similar to port wine. It is produced with very fine and smooth bubbly red grapes


Only high-quality grapes are used for this grape juice, with a relatively low acidity level. Smooth, sweet, and sensational, this refreshing drink and can be served on all types of occasions. Even if you keep for your own in-take, it can still serve.

Pure Heaven Wine

The Pure Heaven wine is a non-alcoholic fruit wine that is superior in a range of wines and designed for refreshment. It is a 750ml non-alcoholic wine.

Pure Heaven Sparkling Wine-Red Grape (750ml x 6) - My Drinks


The wine originated in Europe. They have even made the wine into smaller cans to accommodate the lower class individuals who want to have a taste of wine. Pure Heaven is also a family wine.

Don Luciano Sparkling wine

DON LUCIANO Sparkling rosé wine Moscato (75 cl) - Your Spanish Corner

Don Luciano Sparkling Rosado boasts of a beautiful aroma of an intense bouquet of fresh red fruits and withered flower petals, with its color like shiny strawberry pink.

This fine sparkling rose wine, a clean raspberry color. Delicate, creamy bubbles caress the palate leaving a pleasant, elegant aftertaste. It is ideal to be taken after or with food.

Bosca Toselli

Toselli Non Alcoholic Sparkling Red 75cl - The Naughty Grape

Bosca is famous for its Spumante, and Toselli is not de-alcoholized but a spumante obtained from blending the famous Moscato and other Premium grape-varieties.

 Eva Wine

This 100% alcohol-free red grape wine is packed in a champagne type bottle. With no added preservatives, sugar, or sweetening agent, this wine is the perfect wine, suitable for the whole family. This is why it became so prominent among middle-class families due to its affordability.

Eva Non - Alcoholic Sparkling Grape Juice - 750ml X 12pcs. - My Drinks

Eva sparkling wine was first manufactured in Spain in the 90s and has been distributed by Chas. E. Ramson Ltd since 1996.

Eisberg Cabernet Sauvignon

As it is a foreign wine, mostly they use wines in their meals and this is a perfect wine to take in-between meals, although it can and is still used for events in Nigeria.

Eisberg Cabernet Sauvignon - Ekulo Group of Companies, Nigeria

A rich premium non-alcoholic red wine with a deep ruby color and an aroma of cherries & plums, this wine go brilliantly with any meal.

J&W Cocktail Wine

J&W Classic Sparkling Red Grape Juice – Giant Supermart


J&W Cocktail Sparkling Wine is a drink with fruit flavors and sparkling spring water from the Pyrenees Mountains. It has a sweet taste and the best alternative to alcohol.

Astoria 9.5 Wine


It is made from white grapes from organic viticulture. Astoria 9.5 is rich in mineral salts and is the perfect drink every time, pleasantly refreshing and thirst-quenching, specifically great for any mix, fruit cocktail, and spirits with no alcohol content.

Its color is straw yellow with golden highlights, sparkling with a delicately sweet, lively taste to the tongue.


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