Best N5k and Under Red Wines for Any Occasion

Best N5k and Under Red Wines for Any Occasion

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, red wines are right at the top of the pyramid. Also, getting cheap wines are also important to the pocket.

The sweet-sour taste, the amazing varieties of colours, the unique flavours of each brand and the way it goes down with our favourite meals is simply magical.

While many red wine lovers will give anything to have a good bottle or glass of wine at every mealtime or a memorable occasion, not many have the means to achieve their taste.

Not to worry, to every pocket size is a bottle of red wine.

Here are some of the cheap GOOD wines in Nigeria:

These reds all come at N5,000 and under.

  • Kagor
  • B & G Passport 1/4 Bottle Bordeaux
  • Lamothe Parrot
  • Douglas Green St Celine Sweet Red
  • Faustino V Gran Reserva Rioja 2005
  • Frontera Merlot
  • Frontera Sweet Red
  • Frontera Carbernat Sauvignon
  • Faustino VII Rioja 2009
  • B & G Cuvee Speciale Red
  • B & G Sweet Nature Wine
  • Carlo Rossi Sweet Red
  • Carlo Rossi Red
  • Casillero Del Diablo
  • Tall Horse Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Tall Horse Pinotage 2013
  • Tall Horse Merlot 2013
  • Chateau Los Boldos Merlot 2013
  • Chateau Los Boldos Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
  • Roble Malbec 2013
  • Roble Cabernet Sauv 2012
  • Roble Shiraz 2014
  • Four Cousins
  • Douglas Green Pinotage 2011
  • Douglas Green Merlot Reserve Selection 2012
  • Douglas Green Shiraz 2013
  • B & G Merlot Reserve 2014
  • B & G Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Red 2015
  • Rubis
  • Marques de Casa Concha
  • Boschendal Pavillion Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

5k Wines and Below

Product Size Description Unit Price (NGN) Carton Price (NGN)
Kagor 6 x 75cl Delicate taste with chocolate shades, a ruby color and a wonderful aroma. 1,203 6,353
B & G Passport 24 x 18.37CL Concentrated wine with cherry red color, spicy and flavoured with black fruit. 984 20,790
Lamothe Parrot 6 x 70cl Sweet and fruity mellow reserve wine. Red, juicy, and sappy with lovely fresh fruit and a soft, velvety finish. 1,167 7,000
Douglas Green St Celine Sweet Red 12 x 75cl Smooth rich natural sweet red blend with a ravishing ruby colour with delicious sweet ripe black currant, raspberry jam and clove spice aromas and flavours 1,317 15,803
Faustino V Gran Reserva Rioja 2005 6 x 75cl Smooth and velvety on the palate with excellent integration of Christmas cake fruits and spicy with a hint of vanilla on the finish. 1,571 9,425
Frontera Merlot 6 x 70cl Fruity in taste, with bouquet of cherries and a hints of cacao: full-bodied, good composition and a lasting taste on the palate. 1,529 9, 529
Frontera Sweet Red 6 x 75cl Made of various grapes which gives it a sweet taste, that is in line with the name. 1,529 9, 529
Frontera Carbernet Sauvignon 6 x 75cl Light, fresh and loaded with special fruit flavours. 1,529 9, 529
Faustino VII Rioja 2009 6 x 75cl Basic quaffing red – blackberries, cedar, cherry cola, with a bit of saddle leather. Pleasant fruit component. Medium acid, medium minus tannin 1,638 9,629
B & G Cuvee Speciale Red 6 x 75cl Medium-bodied red wine has simple red fruit flavours and a dry, smooth finish. It’s a powerful, red-berry bouquet, soft and well-balanced on the palate. 1,698 10,187
Carlos Rossi Sweet Red 6 x 75cl Well-balanced, light to medium-bodied sweet red wine with flavors of bright red fruits and fresh floral notes and a nice crisp finish. 1,829 29,945
Carlos Rossi Red 6 x 75cl Ruby colour; mildly fruity nose displaying mild currant and berry fruit; light, crisp berry flavours. 1,877 22,523
Casillero Del Diablo 6 x 70cl Notes of dark plums and spice, generously framed by toasty American oak with a soft and well structured mouthfilling texture. 2,310 13,860
Tall Horse Cabernet Sauvignon 6 x 75cl Aromas of ripe forest berries and spice. Red and black berry fruit flavours with vanilla oak and a smooth, juicy finish. 2,338 14,027
Tall Horse Pinotage 6 x 75cl Ripe, black fruit aromas with hints of coffee and chocolate. Red and black fruit flavours with a hint of spice and a juicy finish. 2,338 14,027
Tall Horse Merlot 6 x 75cl Plum and spice aromas. Soft red fruit flavours and hints of spice. 2,339 14,034
Chateau Los Boldos Merlot 2013 6 x 75cl Well-balanced and structured red wine dominated by persistent ripe fruit flavours, complemented by supple tannins. 2,614 15,685
Chateau Los Boldos Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 6 x 75cl Plush and mouthfilling, with good overall balance. Flavors of herbs, olive, chocolate, baking spices and blackberry are bright, healthy and end with notes of additional spices and herbs. 2,614 15,685
Roble Malbec 2013 6 x 75cl Fruit, tannic structure quite dense, but not rustic. 2,815 16,888
Roble Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 6 x 75cl Garnet Aroma: Dark currants with hints of fine tobacco and sandalwood Taste: Medium-bodied; rich dark fruit; complex with a structured, creamy finish. 2,815 16,888
Roble Syrah 2014 6 x 75cl Young and fresh with outstanding roundness and up-front fruit flavour. 2,815 16,888
Four Cousins 6 x 75cl Fragrant, flame-coloured wine with gentle floral perfume. Flavours of luscious tropical fruits, peaches & raisins are followed by a lingering, silky finish. 2,888 17,325
Douglas Green Pinotage 2011 6 x 75cl Plush and juicy on entry with an ample mouthful of juicy fruit well supported by soft, ripe tannins and discreet oak spice finishing with soft sleek cherry and berry flavours. 3,058 18,346
Douglas Green Merlot Reserve Selection 2012 6 x 75cl Douglas Green Merlot Reserve Selection 2012 displays voluptuous juicy characters of ripe black cherry, plum fruit aromas and earthy tones. 3,138 18,827
Douglas Green Shiraz 2013 6 x 75cl Elegant, complex and alluring wine.Matured in oak barrels for 12 months, this full-bodied wine displays typical Shiraz characteristics of dark berry fruit, clove and cinnamon spice. 3,138 18,827
B & G Merlot Reserve 2014 6 x 75cl Pristine, fruit-expressive and juicy, this is a lovely approachable merlot showing dark plum, blueberry, floral and nutty characters. 3,234 19,404
B & G Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Red 2015 6 x 75cl Ripe and elegantly expressed on the nose showing dark plum, blueberry, floral and almond characters, followed by a succulent palate that is rounded and medium full. 3,234 19,404
Rubis 12 x 70cl Chocolate-flavoured Spanish fortified wine made from the Tempranillo grape and infused with a luxurious chocolate essence 3,561 42,735
Marques de Casa Concha 6 x 70cl Deep red with lush cherry, black currant, and blackberry aromas and a touch of tar and smoke. 3,658 21,945
Boschendal pavillion Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 12 x 70cl Soft, approachable style that is intense but not over the top. Well balanced with a juicy centre of lively fruit. Complex and shows depth, with a silky fruit finish. 3,702 44,421

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