Are You Mixing Your Favorite Spirit With the Wrong Ginger?

Are You Mixing Your Favorite Spirit With the Wrong Ginger?

Ginger is most commonly mixed with whiskey. But here’s the truth: Ginger ale and ginger beer go great with basically any spirit—well, if you avoid picking the wrong ginger, that is. A plastic two-liter bottle or whatever is coming out of the gun at a dive bar are the wrong ginger ales. Those mixers add carbonation, sweetness and little else to the drink. You should expect more from your ginger ale. After all, it’s 75 percent of your drink.

You would be much better off picking up some naturally sourced ginger ales or ginger beer from Fever-Tree. Each style is made with a unique blend of green ginger from the Ivory Coast, earthy ginger from Nigeria and rich, almost chocolaty ginger from Cochin, India.

OK, so Fever-Tree is clearly the right ginger ale. But since Fever-Tree has a whole lineup of different ginger ales, how do you know which one to mix with your favorite spirit? It all depends on the kind of drink you’re craving.



You’ll want to start with Fever-Tree’s classic ginger ale. It has the subtle botanicals and ginger notes you would expect, with an aromatic intensity to it that adds depth to the ginger flavor. You should mix it with a spirit with complexity of its own but with a subtle enough profile that won’t overpower the Fever-Tree ginger ale.

You can also enjoy a lighter version of any of the drinks by using Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light ginger ale. It’s made using fruit sugar instead of cane sugar, giving it 48 percent fewer calories than the standard option.

Whisk(e)y: It mixes well with Ardbeg and Jameson Original.
Tequila: Fever-Tree ginger ale and Espolón are a perfect match.
Cognac: Anyone with a bottle of Hennessy VSOP is in luck.



Fever-Tree Smoky ginger ale adds smoky flavor to your drink without the aid of artificial ingredients. Fever-Tree combines its three signature gingers with smoked applewood water sourced from the United Kingdom. It uses pure smoke technology to give the ginger ale a delicate, complex sweetness. Try balancing that unique smoky flavor with a fruity or peaty spirit.

Rum: Pair Fever-Tree Smoky ginger ale with Plantation Pineapple.
Scotch: Go for Compass Box Peat Monster or Laphroaig Caidas Fino.
Liqueur: The floral notes of St-Germain make it a good base.



Another bold mixer is Fever-Tree Spiced Orange ginger ale. Like the Smoky ginger ale, it gets strong flavor through natural sources, such as cold-pressed South African clementines and steam-distilled Sri Lankan cinnamon. The result is a punchy citrus flavor that goes particularly well with any spirit on the sweeter side.

Wine: Mix Lillet Blanc and Spiced Orange ginger ale for a delicious apéritif.
Bourbon: Buffalo Trace has the right amount of sweetness to mix with spiced orange ginger ale.
Rum: Only mix Spiced Orange ginger ale with quality aged rum. Chairman’s Reserve and Bacardí Ocho are excellent choices.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a drink that is, above all, refreshing. And Fever-Tree ginger beer is brewed for 24 hours to get its signature crisp flavor. Mixing it with any clear spirit is a good idea, but you can also use The Glenlivet scotch to make a ginger-based twist on a highball. You also have the option to enjoy it with 48 percent fewer calories—and the same crisp taste—by opting for Fever-Tree’s light ginger beer.

Vodka: Enjoy ginger beer with Grey Goose La Poire or Tito’s.
Gin: Forget the Gin & Tonic. Grab Plymouth sloe gin and make a Gin & Ginger.
Tequila: Ginger beer is just the thing to elevate Patrón silver.



Would you rather start with your favorite spirit or at least whatever bottle you have on hand? Find your preferred spirit on Fever-Tree’s ginger wheel and discover which style of naturally sourced ginger ale or ginger beer makes the best mixer. Once you’ve chosen the right pairing, all you need to do is add a garnish and enjoy.

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