5 Whiskey Cocktails to Make in 5 Minutes or Less

5 Whiskey Cocktails to Make in 5 Minutes or Less

Whiskey is truly the booze lover’s spirit. Like a trusted lap dog, the brown spirit is there for you whenever you need it, however, you need it. Purist? Whiskey is fine and dandy on its own or with a trusted ice cube companion. Like to shake it up (literally)? The brown spirit can work in harmony with a number of other ingredients. And like any good friend, whiskey is there for you in a pinch. Only have a couple of minutes to spend with your boozy ally? These are the whiskey-forward cocktails to turn to when the race is on.


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Let’s start with the obvious. The Old Fashioned is perfect for those short on time and in need of a boozy kick. This drink is built right in the glass so no need to waste precious seconds finding a shaker or mixing glass. According to a book dedicated to the cocktail, the bartender would hand off the bottle of whiskey for the drinker to serve his own pour. How’s that for simple—and fast?


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Like Whiskey Sours? Shake up your routine with a Brown Derby. Instead of staples like lemon juice and simple syrup, the Brown Derby brings in grapefruit and honey as the citrus and sweet components. The result is a sweet but slightly bitter whiskey cocktail.


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Irish whiskey and mezcal may not be the two peas in a pod that come to mind when thinking about cocktails. Believe us when we say that this unconventional pairing is a marvel in The Good Cork. The mellowness of Irish whiskey complements the smoky mezcal and the apple garnish makes this a great cocktail for the colder months.


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This is the kind of cocktail to keep close to your chest. Two ounces of whiskey join maraschino liqueur to make a strong, yet sweet drink. Rounding out the finish is bitters and the herbal taste of absinthe. Whether sipping alone or sharing this drink with friends, serve this sophisticated cocktail to keep your guests guessing about your mixology genius.


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As mentioned before, the Whiskey Sour is the predecessor of plenty of great drinks, and the New York Sour is an apple that didn’t fall far from the tree. Perfect for whiskey lovers and winos alike, this cocktail is just your standard Whiskey Sour with a crimson hat of red wine. Watch how to make it before impressing your party guests with the surprising twist.

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