5 Things to Know About Krispy Kreme

5 Things to Know About Krispy Kreme

5 Things to Know About Krispy Kreme – This article contains things you need to know about Krispy Kreme. We will try to update Krispy Kreme Locations and Krispy Kreme prices

March been a wonderful month and Lagos is still awestruck from the mother of all grand openings – the Krispy Kreme launch at Ikeja City Mall. As you must have heard, people were waiting in line from the night before, as the first 300 customers stood a chance of getting free doughnuts for up to a year.

We did our own fact-finding on what the whole hype was about and we must say it was a wonderful experience. It has been a long time coming and we couldn’t wait to have a taste of the doughnuts. To make this as succinct as possible, we have distilled our experience into five quick tips to help you get the best out of Krispy Kreme.

1. Enjoy the doughnut theatre

The store is like nothing we have seen in Lagos, just like (maybe even better) than New York and London. They have gone the extra mile in creating a unique in-store experience for customers and they have something we are yet to see somewhere else. The Ikeja City Mall store features an all-glass doughnut theatre frontage where you can see the entire production process as it is being done. It is commendable the confidence they have in being willing to show customers everything (you know if you saw the kitchen of your favourite Buka, you’ll probably never go there again). There’s also this unique informal classroom style seating with wooden chairs and high tables. So yeah, we recommend the in-store experience.

2. Go for Dozens or Double Dozens

Krispy Kreme has a wide selection of doughnuts and buying dozens makes great sense – plenty to share and the more you buy, the more you save. The idea behind doughnut boxes anyway has been about sharing (and sometimes showing off like in the movies), so getting a dozen box to share is the perfect way to score good points with friends and colleagues.

3. Krispy Kreme is really useful as a quick fix

Many a Nigerian grew up eating bread and Akara (with pap) in the morning and we still can’t help but crave for those good old days sometimes. However, the beauty of products like Krispy Kreme is that it presents a new option for such quick fixes. If there’s anything that everyone can agree on about Krispy Kreme doughnuts, it’s that it’s fluffy and light. You can consume quite a number in quick succession. This makes a good fix for a light breakfast and combined with a strong cup of coffee, will sure help keep you active for the day

4. Combine a doughnut with a beverage

Doughnuts and coffee go hand in hand for a reason. They help to balance each other out. For example, having a double espresso with the Original Glazed will sure give your taste buds a unique experience. Doing different combinations is the best way to consume these doughnuts from our own point of taste.

5. You have to get a Frozze 

These are one of the most amazing drinks we’ve ever had, so good we had to ask what a Frozze really was after we were done with it. So it’s basically a handspun beverage made by adding intense flavours to espresso shots. We had the Nutella Frozze (called the Chocolate Hazelnut on the menu) and it was amazing! It’s was crunchy and yummy at the same time, we just could not have enough! You have to try this.

So there you have it, five takeaways from our Krispy Kreme visit. For more information about their offerings, you can look up their website krispykreme.ng

Stay tuned to Lost in Lagos on more information about Krispy Kreme and other brands all around Lagos as It unfolds!

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