5 Non-Alcoholic Wines To Try During this Sallah

5 Non-Alcoholic Wines To Try During this Sallah

The Sallah holiday is almost here and that means there would be ample time to get rest and give your loved ones a special holiday treat. Make your Eid-el Kabir/ Sallah holiday as memorable as possible with your family and loved ones with a bottle of any of these Non-alcoholic wines.

Nigerians love to have a taste of wine for most celebrations or just for personal in-take at home. Wines do have their own unique taste which they give to the taste buds.

Non-alcoholic wines are made from fruits like apples, citrus fruits, and grapes which are processed with machines and then packaged into bottles. Most wines are mostly produced outside the shores of this country.

Let us look at the list of some of the best tasting non-alcoholic wines

5  Non-Alcoholic Wines To Try During this Sallah:

1. Casa Dorada Non-Alcoholic Wine

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Casa Dorada is made from the highest quality grapes to give you sweet wine flavors without the alcohol. It is smooth, sweet, and sensational also a refreshing drink that can be served on all types of occasions.

Casa Dorada wine is high in nutrients like vitamins C and K  also contains resveratrol that guards against the development of cancer protects against heart disease and helps to lower bad cholesterol and blood sugar. Compounds found in grapes like lutein, resveratrol, and zeaxanthin may help to prevent eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, and other age-related eye diseases.

Casa Dorada wine has a natural taste of fresh fruit with fine bubbles is packaged in champagne-type bottles, it is 100% natural fruit juice and comes in two flavors (Still and Sparkling). It is also an easy wine substitute for those that prefer not to indulge in drinking alcohol due to one reason or the other.  Can be enjoyed as an accompaniment to a meal or by itself on a day of relaxation with friends.

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2. Chamdor Wine

Chamdor Red - Ekulo Group of Companies, Nigeria

Chamdor Sparkling Red Grape Juice has a nice aroma which is lively and a delicate grape bouquet similar to port wine. It is produced with very fine and smooth bubbly red grapes

Only high-quality grapes are used for this grape juice, with a relatively low acidity level. Smooth, sweet, and sensational, this refreshing drink and can be served on all types of occasions. Even if you keep it for your own in-take, it can still serve.

3.Eisberg Cabernet Sauvignon

Buy Eisberg Cabernet Sauvignon Alcohol Free Red - 75cl Price in Lagos Nigeria

The Eisberg Cabernet sauvignon is a nonalcoholic red wine with a deep ruby color and aromas of cherries and plums. It is made from selected premium grapes that can maintain their true taste after the alcohol has been removed.

The Eisberg cabernet sauvignon is made the same way alcoholic wine is made but at the end, the alcohol is gently separated and removed by vacuum and distillation process; the end result is a wine that retains its character and variety without the alcohol.

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4. Eva Non-Alcoholic Wine

EVA NON-ALCOHOLIC WINE -750ml – Jendol Stores

This 100% alcohol-free red grape wine is packed in a champagne-type bottle. With no added preservatives, sugar, or sweetening agent, this wine is the perfect wine, suitable for the whole family. This is why it became so prominent among middle-class families due to its affordability.

5. Pure Heaven Non-Alcoholic Wine


The Pure Heaven wine is a non-alcoholic fruit wine that is superior in the range of wines and designed for refreshment.

The wine originated from Europe. They have even made the wine into smaller cans to accommodate the lower class individuals who want to have a taste of wine.

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