5 Best Bukka Joints in Lagos

5 Best Bukka Joints in Lagos

5 Best Bukka Joints in Lagos

Bukka Joint AKA Mama Put as Nigerians Call it,  its has old as its name and located across Nigeria with people constantly patronising them. This is the Street food in Naija style. No one is too big to eat at a bukka. And their food tastes amazing. This article contains locations of 5 best bukka joints on the mainland and on the island

5 Best Bukka Joints in Lagos

1. White House, Yaba

Chapel street , Sabo, Yaba, Lagos

If you want to have a taste of scrumptious and finger-licking Amala, then you need to visit White House Canteen. Despite the name, this world-famous White House Buka is located in the Yaba, the leading startup hub in the Lagos. The Buka adopted its name from the colour of its building. It offers a variety of food but is known mainly for its Amala dish.

White house Yaba-Naijawinelover

2. Bank Olemoh Designer Rice, Surulere

14 Bank Olemoh street, Surulere, Lagos

This is another second-generation run Bukka which specializes only in rice along with beans, plantain and assorted meat. Some have argued that it is manna from heaven. We are not so sure however the designer rice is bloody good.

3.Ghana High, Lagos Island

King George V, Off Awolowo Road, Lagos Island, Lagos

Another longstanding Buka located near the Ghana High Commission and caters to business hub on Lagos Island. Here you cannot get any swallow they specialize in rice, bean and stew combos. This is one of the best places to have ‘ewa-agonyin’ in Lagos.

4. Defence Car Park Canteen, Marina

Marina Street, Opposite First Bank HQ, Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos

This is popularly known as  First Bank Amala. You will find the efficiency of the staff impressive; very smart and quick table turnaround.  Amala with Gbegiri and Ewedu is highly recommended. if you want to enjoy this meal take it home and wash it down with Dominio Del Rey White Wine.


5. Amala Shitta, Surulere

26 Rabiatu Thomson Crescent, Shitta, Surulere, Lagos

This is the best place to get amala and abula (ewedu, gbegiri and obe elépo) in Surulere. lets skip the endless list of urban legends on why the amala here has been drawing a crowd since the 1960s. The restaurant has been passed  down from generation to generation







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