Top 11 Beer Brands in Nigeria

Top 11 Beer Brands in Nigeria

Here in these articles, we’ll be looking at the top 11 beer in Nigeria. 

Here are the top 11 we have picked out as your top-selling beer brands in Nigeria today.

Top 11 Beer Brands in Nigeria


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They are doing this one in Omi-Asoro close to Ilesa in Osun state. Barely any things get more Yoruba than that. Individuals that drink Trophy are probably going to have multisyllabic, jaw-breaking, constantly Yoruba names like Ola-di-pu-po. TROPHY has a place with the lower range of the evaluating crystal of brew in Nigeria, yet it can’t be solidly utilized as a marker of somebody’s group in view of its sheer omnipresence in Yoruba lands.

Stylishly, you need to be watchful for college/polytechnic understudies with pressed, old, palm-oil recolored shirts and penciled pants; right to corpers in khakis and individuals who procure N60,000 or less month to month. A brew for one and all. A lager for clever individuals who haven’t exactly shown up right now.


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You individuals that like to bring up that WWE is phony; who harmed you as children? Like, you figure we don’t have a sense as well? All things considered, before I became this way, the main Goldberg I used to know was the large, bare, husky, antagonistic knave that skewered Brock Lesnar and made me cry…

Nowadays, Goldberg as far as anyone is concerned, is additionally a green jug of lager that looks greater than its 60cl on the first examination. Because of the apparition disparity of its obvious size and its genuine size, this lager is intensely supported by short individuals. In contrast to Trophy, this one has not been tribalized as it rises above the western piece of Nigeria, however simply like Trophy, Goldberg is additionally a marker of your social standing. Individuals who are proficient at making a decision about books by their spreads will realize the bank adjusts of Goldberg sweethearts. Search for youthful, vertically-tested men somewhere in the range of 26 and 38.


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A beverage for woodworkers in their mid-forties that despite everything point 90’s style Punk. Alright, I’ll level with you on the off chance that you feel that is outrageous, however, please. It’s Gulder! At the point when we were kids, we used to assemble crown-stops of various beverages and play that thing in radio tapes. That is the point at which I knew Gulder; on the grounds that theirs was exceptional in that it had these excellent, captivating flower designs. Tragically, I feel that is the feature of Gulder.

Gulder is currently, unfortunately, just taken by its enthusiasts: calm individuals with thinning up top head, huge body edges, and individuals who have begun wearing half-shoe; the most particular marker of the beginning of emotional meltdown. They have more cash than TROPHY consumers, yet two children are in a Federal University while the other three are in optional school. They are the exemplification of devotion. Individuals who despite everything drink Gulder are faithful to their companions; not really out of adoration, however, their recuperation time after a series of sex is expanding exponentially. So the choice to remain faithful to their spouses is made for them. Acclaim the great Lord.


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Sparkle Shine bobo! Star is the Peak Milk of lager in Nigeria – evergreen, ever-present. The mono-syllabic name makes it is anything but difficult to arrange from the barman. It is unforgiving on the tongue and is taken by individuals who have been drinking for the best piece of 10 years (at any rate) and will drink until they kick the bucket; in away. I saw a photograph of my dad from his OAU days during the 70s and saw young men (presently granddads) holding retro STAR bottles. A jug of Maltina was in my dad’s hand. Well. I don’t have the foggiest idea of how the apple has fallen so distant from the tree.

The value is sort of kind of exorbitant; thus, STAR can be utilized to show your bank balance. This isn’t a beverage for needy individuals. Character shrewd, STAR is the improbable interference in the Venn chart of society where Afro-wearing, PhD-using, (big, big) sentence structure talking erudite people meet with cherubic, YOLO-hawking, avuncular and experienced blue-nabbed individuals.

A beverage for University teachers. A beverage for Transport Union pioneers. A beverage for welders, contractual workers, legal counselors, and moms of the sugary sort.


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In the event that you’ve known about the expression; “a’s man,” this one is the consumer’s brew. 33 can be evaluated all over Nigeria and is particularly well known up North where it is affectionately called Uku-Uku. We’re altogether determined by various thought processes, yet 33 consumers have constantly struck me as individuals who simply need the world to see that they’re extraordinary – until it turns into an enduring propensity. This segment takes care of their shirts in brew parlors to show different consumers they are beneficially utilized.

33 is a lager for difficult individuals with numerous kids; inside and without marriage, and individuals who won’t pencil their boot-cut jeans while wearing unbespoke Hazan shoes under hallucinogenic show-me-the-cash Ankara-print shirts. A brew for clever individuals tormented with an absence of style, however, they couldn’t care less.


Orijin Can – Samis Online Store


These are new school drinks for individuals with ojukokoro. A scrumptious blend of a gentle soul, foods grown from the ground made for individuals who haven’t actually made sense of the bearing their lives are going. The eyes never lie, so you need to search for somebody who views lasting bewilderment and wide-looked at naivete on their faces; typically somebody between the ages of 20 to 29.

Typically, on the off chance that you don’t catch them in the act in lager parlors, you will see them putting orders for akpu at Mama Chioma’s shop where they are requesting the blend of egusi and move soup before returning for a more bitter leaf. You’ll know them when you see them.

They are sequential con artists who drift among corrupt and unlawful things. They bet, they have sex and they are smokers as well. You’ll likewise see they are proficient at performing various tasks and radiate the tranquility of savants.


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Much the same as HERO, LIFE is another Igbo-driven lager. In contrast to HERO, this one is a lot lighter on the tongue and milder on the throat. A poor man’s Heineken; which brings us pleasure to our next one:


Heineken Can Beer 500 ML - Mayako Chino


This is an extraordinary brew as a matter of first importance, for rich individuals and for individuals who have progressed significantly from their unassuming beginnings, however, won’t promptly concede they’re currently, by cultural benchmarks, rich. Smooth and smooth on the tongue and delicate on the throat. There is a misguided judgment that Heineken won’t influence you like different lagers in view of its *rich-people viewpoint, however, that is all it is: something destitute individuals let themselves know before they get rich and can manage the cost of Heineken consistently. A lager for tasteful people. No, a tasteful lager for people.

A lager for screwing rich rats.


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Costly. Here and there when the ageist drum is rolled out and being thumped to the hints of the mainstream melody; “The world has now spoilt: Children of these days,” I simply recollect that the majority of our genealogies, starting from the earliest stage have been completely pointless. That is to say, Arthur Guinness began this thing in 1759 and you need to reveal to me hogwash.

All things considered, that is not the point. In contrast to customary pints of brew, strong remains in your framework and doesn’t drive you to pee after each other jug. In the event that you can’t hold your alcohol, Guinness isn’t for you – in light of the fact that it could leave you flimsy-legged whatnot.

Guinness is dark. Its consumers are cool, quiet, and calm. A beverage for individuals that individuals regard. A beverage for individuals that individuals appreciate. A beverage for Danladi, Bassey, and Jumoke. Guinness is the beverage of appropriate kill sovereigns that drink brew: effective, boss ladies apparently unaffected by the numerous choking influences society attempts to foist on them. Tasteful. Search for individuals who look great without (apparently) attempting.

I’ve generally envisioned this is the lager criminals drink before a burglary…


LEGEND EXTRA STOUT 60cl Bottle | |


This beverage ba? There is a typical thought that in the event that you’ve been drinking for a long, long time, your body will build up a higher limit for intoxication. It may, however not for LEGEND. The men that drink this beverage, I think, have exceptionally long penii – and don’t ask me for what valid reason as it’s only a hunch. Not a beverage for powerless individuals. Along these lines, search for apathetic, clever 24 to multi year-olds.

LEGEND is a beverage for individuals God has appointed to result in these present circumstances life to be unserious, yet prosperous. The stuff of legend. An appropriately severe beverage for individuals who appear as though they completed their excursions to self-revelation during childbirth. A beverage for devilish individuals.


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A beverage Guinness made to match the moderately modest lagers and spare the criminally poor with terrible tempers from those modest liver-harming hot beverages created in Ogun state

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  1. At another bar in the southeastern town of Nsukka, photo and video journalist Alphonsus Ogili had just finished a bottle of Hero Lager. “When I look at this bottle it reminds me of our heroes that fought for Biafra, especially Ojukwu,” he says. Across plastic tables on the bar, Hero rested alongside other drinks. “The war has ended, but another war is here with us — demands for self-determination are still there.”

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