10 Best Red Wines for Date Night In Lagos

10 Best Red Wines for Date Night In Lagos

When you picture a romantic dinner date, what comes to mind? I envision a candlelit dinner, roses, chocolate, slow music, and of course, a glass of red wine. Red wine is often associated with good food pairings, romantic names, health benefits, and even helps release oxytocin (the love hormone). The only obvious disadvantage of having red wine might be the red teeth stains while you’re smiling. Sure, red wine sounds like the best wingman for a date, but that’s only if you know exactly which types of wine to get. In this post, we will show you 10 wines you can get for your date night in Lagos without putting holes in your pocket.

Here are the 10 best red wines for your date night.

Dominio Del Rey Vino Sweet Red Wine

Dominio Del Rey Vino Sweet Red Wine 75CL | Jumia Nigeria

Dominio Del Rey Vino Sweet Wine is rich and fruity in taste with a sweet tinge that comes with the full ripened grapes in the warm autumnal sunshine of the Spanish plateau. Dominio stands for Dominion and Royalty, Dominio Del Rey symbolizes exquisiteness. A delicate red wine, with a subtle sweetness that pairs nicely with appetizers. The aroma of this beautiful wine adequately prepares you for its delicious taste.

Castillo Grande Red Wine (Vino Tinto)

Looking for the Perfect Drinks for Your Event? Saharan Distillers has got You Covered! | BellaNaija

Castillo Grande wine gives a good taste you will always like to enjoy. It’s nice red wine, its better when it’s chilled and better when enjoyed with friends. Castillo Grande red wine gives a good taste you will always like to enjoy on your dinner dates.

Lamothe Parrot Mellow Reserve

Lamothe Parrot -75cl - My Liquor Hub

Lamothe Parrot Mellow Reserve is a sweet and fruity French wine. Rich with a floral bouquet and overtones of grapes, cheese, olive, and berries, it is delicately finished for a unique wine-drinking experience. This wine stands out because of sweet taste and fresh aroma and its perfect fit for Nigeria meals.

Robusto Portuguese Red Wine

Celani Family Vineyards Robusto Proprietary Red 2017 - Vicker's Liquors

Robusto Portuguese Red Wine is definitely worth exploring; as the wine is usually made from grape varieties that are not really found anywhere else. As we all know, Portugal is home to the tastiest and most exquisite wines in the world.

Robusto is good for the heart, and a healthy alternative to other alcoholic beverages. It is great with dates, birthdays, weddings, and other beautiful ceremonies. With Robusto red wine, every sip is worth it, and every occasion is memorable.

It is enriched with a Vinous, well-balanced Aroma. Robusto Portuguese Red Wine is a great companion for local dishes, romantic outings, meat dishes like Asun, Suya, and Roasted Chicken.

Four Cousins Natural Sweet Red

Four Cousins Natural Sweet Red (750ml) Alc 8% - InstaCart

The Four Cousins Sweet Red, in particular, is a fragrant, ruby-red wine with soft rose petal perfume. Flavours of ripe plums, strawberries, and exotic spices are followed by a soft, lingering finish.

A fragrant, ruby-red wine with soft rose petal perfume. Flavours of ripe plums, strawberries, and exotic spices are followed by a soft, lingering finish. A sweet red wine, blended from noble cultivars and grape juice.

Carlo Rossi California Sweet Red Wine

Carlo Rossi Sweet Red X12 – Wine360

This red wine is well balanced, light to medium-bodied red wine that has flavours of bright red fruits and fresh floral notes with a nice crisp finish. Carlo Rossi California Red wine is a blend of various red grapes. it’s luscious and sweet.

Asconi Agor Red Wine

spilragus on Twitter: "This is the worst wine on the surface of the earth, it's harsh, tastes like ethanol and Funtime juice mixed together with a hint of gutter water.. ghetto wine .…

The Agor Red Wine formerly the Kagor Red wine with the same great taste is produced from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. The wine is made by classical technology. It has a delicate taste with chocolate shades, a ruby colour and a wonderful aroma. Agor wine has a distinct blackcurrant aroma which is in perfect harmony with the sweetish taste of forest fruits‎.‎

This is a truly special dessert wine‎,‎ made from selected red grapes mainly prepared from European grape varieties ‎- Cabernet‎-Sauvignon and Merlot‎.‎ It has a dark ruby colour‎,‎ and a rich aroma of cherry and dried fruits‎.‎

Declan Sweet Red Wine

product_image_name-Declan-Sweet Red Wine (X6)-1

Declan sweet red wine is incredibly juicy, very fruity, full-bodied rich taste. Declan sweet red wine is easy-drinking, ripe berry and jam. Declan red wine is soft and smooth. Greatly enjoyed when chilled. This new wine has a perfect balance of sweetness.

Declan sweet red wine pairs well with lively foods and friends. Declan red wine combines its sophisticated taste perfectly with the playful fruity taste. If you’re all about the perfect combination of playful and edgy, then Declan sweet red wine is the wine for you!

Toma Premium Red Grape

Toma Wine | Best Price in Nigeria | Jumia NG

Toma Sparkling Juice is a delightful drink, ideal for your dining dates. It’s a refreshing, non-alcoholic drink that is made from selected grapes.

Toma non-alcoholic red grape juice is made from 100% carefully selected red grapes. This product is specially packed to give a 100% pure sparkling grape juice experience with its distinct and smooth taste.

4th Street Sweet Red Wine

4Th Street Sweet Red Wine -75CL – Wine360

4th Street Sweet White is an easy-to-drink low alcohol white wine. It is full of fruity freshness and perfect for romantic dates and desserts.  4th Street Rose is a wine inspired by a passion for friendship and sharing. It is fresh, naturally sweet, and accessible, a perfect fit for upbeat, sociable times when people meet to share good wines and good times.

4th Street Sweet Red. This wine is medium garnet coloured with aromas of fresh raspberries and cherries, along with hints of cloves, cinnamon, and floral notes of jasmine.


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