10 Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks in Nigeria 2020

10 Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks in Nigeria 2020

Here in this post, we are going to bring to you 10 Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks In Nigeria. We hope you enjoy reading this information-rich article.

Moderation is a universal principle. This principle cut across every sphere of life including food, drink, sleep, sex, dressing, etc.

The wine has always been part of man’s social engagement. Over the years, taste divides the human being between alcohol and non-alcoholic drink.

But in reality, the thin line between alcohol drink and non-alcoholic drink in moderation. Here, I will give a list of the best non-alcoholic drink in Nigeria.

This selected wine is also good for those on a special diet though, with the permission of their physician. Any of these non-alcoholic drinks are okay for churches and Christian bodies to use for the lord supper or the Holy Communion.

Some believed because it is a non- alcoholic wine it will be cheap, that is not always the truth.

Casa Dorada

Casa Dorada wine is a fruit wine suitable for all occasions and it comes in Red grape. Best non-alcoholic tasting wine ever. It taste’s so good and it’s classy and affordable. You can start filling your cart with cases of Casa Dorada wine. It is a healthy drink and it is strictly fruits with added vitamins, It is produced and packaged in Spain, It is a healthy wine with the social appeal, It is suitable for young and old, Casa Dorada is not just your regular non-alcoholic drink, it is the best tasting non-alcoholic drink ever. Casa Dorada a splash of healthy and fruity in every sip. Whoever you are, wherever you are, grab a bottle today.
Casa Dorada has been registered by NAFDAC and its 100% grape.

Royalty Celebration Red Grape

Royalty Celebration Red Grape

This is an ideal wine for all classes of people. All members of the family can enjoy the richness of its apple flavor. I assure you; you can drink and drive with this wine. Price:#2,000

Valentino Sparkling Red Grape Wine

Valentino Sparkling Red Grape Wine

Valentino has made a name for itself across Europe as a celebrated wine. It is a Belgian product of high and refreshing taste. #1,800

 So Jennie

So Jennie

So Jennie is a bottle of French wine. It has a mixture of white and red grape varieties of Gamay, Chardonnay, and Muscat fruits. It the wine lovers’ choice especially those who prefer non-alcoholic wine. Price: #8,000

Four cousins red wine

Four cousins red wine

People who know quality wine will welcome this wine any day with every occasion. Four cousins come with ripe plums, exotic and strawberry flavor.

It goes with any of your favorite dishes, and you can enjoy it alone. Its rose petal perfume fragrantly makes it a wine lover’s delight any day.

Eva wine

Eva non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice was first produced in Spain in the ’90s. Eva wine is regarded as 100% alcohol-free red grapefruit juice with no added preservatives, sugar or sweetening agent. Eva wine is best served slightly chilled and is a perfect addition to all kinds of events.

Pure Heaven

A premium quality non-alcoholic sparkling grape wine made from juicy green grapes concentrates. Pure heaven is a fruity wine designed for taste and maximum refreshment. This wine is best served slightly chilled.


Without a doubt, Chamdor can easily pass as the highest-selling non-alcoholic wine in Nigeria. Made from the highest quality grapes, Chamdor is an alcohol-free wine that is sweet, smooth, refreshing, and a perfect fit for all occasions.

J & W wine 

The J & W blend is arguably one of the longest-serving non-alcoholic drinks in Nigeria. J & W wine comes in varieties, such as the blue cocktail, J & Q Premium, J & Q Classic. Whichever one you decide to go for is simply amazing and the taste is refreshing.

 Bosca Toselli

Toselli is an authentic non-alcoholic wine, made by one of the largest sparkling wine producers in Italy, called Bosca. Bosca Toselli is a semi-sparkling wine that is tastefully refreshing, light, and delicately sweet and is a great addition for any occasion in Nigeria.

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