Wine Folly’s Big 2019 Announcement!

Wine Folly’s Big 2019 Announcement!

We’re delighted to announce that we’re merging with another company. Find out what this means for you and the wine world!

Wine enthusiasts, wineries, commissions, and communicators here’s what you should know!

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We’re combining forces with Global Wine Database to build the world’s best wine information portal. The team is tasked with collecting, quantifying, and maintaining a centralized knowledge base of global wine information – available to all.

Say hello to Folly Enterprises.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s coming:

  • Explore wines based on unique traits. (tech info, certifications, and more)
  • Teach yourself wine through educational guides and tools.
  • Quickly and easily access wine, winery, and winemaker information.
  • Integrate Global Wine Database’s API into apps and ecommerce.
  • See remarkable information visualized about the wine world.
  • Drink better wine.
The wine information portal starts with an easy-to-use user experience.

Wine drinkers get free access to the database through Wine Folly’s learning resource. Global Wine Database adds the layer of truth and authenticity to wine regional data, wineries, and wines to Wine Folly’s platform.

how wineries will use folly inc
Wineries receive increased visibility as well as useful digital tools.

Wineries benefit by being part of the ontology with increased visibility as well really useful digital tools and better data management.

folly inc resources for big businesses
The API will be available for ecommerce, app developers, big data businesses, and researchers.

The API isn’t a closed system. Access is granted for those needing better wine data. The potential is limitless. Ecommerce, app development, government structures, wine commissions, research institutions all have the opportunity to use this tool.

Team Folly - Matt Protti, Madeline Puckette, Ben Andrews, David Gluzman
From left to right: Matthew Protti (CEO Blacksquare), Madeline Puckette (co-founder Wine Folly), Ben Andrews (Folly co-founder), and David Gluzman (new Folly CEO)

Who is Behind The Merger?

Wine Folly and the Canadian firm, Blacksquare (who controls Global Wine Database), founded this project. The new company is called Folly Enterprises and it’s already off to a great start with information gathered on many of the top regions of the world.

“Gone will be the need for dozens of people to populate dozens of databases, forms and documents, spending endless hours copying, pasting, printing, faxing, emailing, posting, and chasing queries. They sum it up thus: Upload data once. Drive the facts forward.”

–Tamlyn Currin,

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