What is Gulder Lager Beer

What is Gulder Lager Beer

In this article, we’ll be looking at the price of the gulder lager beer in Nigeria ?. But first, let us look at brief details on the beer itself.

It is a brewed alcohol made from fermented sugar derived from cereal grains or malted barley and usually flavored with hops. You have seen the frothing contents from, usually green, bottles poured into long glasses at bars and lounges.

What is beer?

Beer, as Wikipedia clearly puts, “is the world’s oldest and most consumed alcoholic drink.” It is a brewed alcohol made from fermented sugar derived from cereal grains or malted barley and usually flavored with hops.

4 Essential Ingredients of Trophy


The making of any alcoholic beverage starts with a source of sugar. In wine, the sugar comes from grapes. In cider, it’s from apples. In mead, from honey. The sugar source for beer is grain.

Wheat, rye, rice, sorghum, and other grains have been used, but the preferred grain for beer is barley.


This is the ingredient needed to make beer that is most often overlooked.

Beer is typically about 90% water. If you have bad water, you’re not going to have good beer. We won’t get too in-depth here, but it’s important to know that there are tons of variables that can affect the taste of the water and therefore the quality of the beer. We’re talking about pH levels, hardness/softness, chlorine and sulfate levels, mineral content, and more.


Hops are a small, green, cone-shaped flower that grows on a bine (similar to a vine.) These little cones are filled with resins that, when added to the wort during the boiling process, lend flavors, aromas, and a bitterness that balances out the sweetness of the malt.


Yeast is a single-cell micro-organism. It eats simple sugars (from the malt) and produces alcohol and carbon dioxide. After a week or two of gorging itself and reproducing, the environment becomes toxic for the yeast. It goes dormant.

Gulder Lager Beer

Gulder Lager dates back to 1970 and is another offering by Nigerian Breweries. The beer is a strongly flavored beer and comes with a colorful history. The beer was originally meant to have been imported from Spain but this never took place after the Nigerian government banned the importation of foreign beer into the Nigerian market. Gulder Lager is a brand with much history and definitely one of the top beers in Nigeria. Gulder Lager is available in bottles of 600ml and has an ABV of 5.2%.

Price Of Gulder Lager Beer

Gulder Lager Beer – 33cl Can X 24 – ₦ 3,360

Gulder Beer Can 33 cl x6 – ₦ 870

Gulder Beer Bottle 750ml – ₦ 491


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