Uk Wine Drinkers Are Drinking More Often but Spending Less Per Bottle in Lockdown

Uk Wine Drinkers Are Drinking More Often but Spending Less Per Bottle in Lockdown

According to a recent Wine Intelligence report, British drinkers have expanded the number of occasions on which they drink wine while at home during the coronavirus crisis

The report is based on a sample of 1,000 UK residents who already drink wine; these were interviewed during March and April with the aim of understanding how their wine-drinking behavior is being affected by lockdown.

The survey says that the new occasions include daytime drinking, for instance over online catch-ups or lunch, with 16% of surveyed consumers claiming they now drink wine every day, up from 11% before the outbreak of the pandemic.

Furthermore, over half of all those surveyed said they are day-drinking outside of mealtimes, with a third saying that this is happening at least once a week.

According to the report, higher wine consumption is accompanied by a decline in average bottle price, a fall that seems to be unrelated to age, income or ‘engagement with the wine category’, suggesting that wine drinkers are taking the lockdown as a cue to trade down in value as their purchase volume increased.

This data is in contrast with the trend for drinking less but spending more per bottle which has characterized consumers’ behavior for several years before the pandemic outbreak.

Wine Intelligence also questioned wine consumers on their intentions once the lockdown is eased, reporting that around 30% would be less likely to visit a restaurant, while 21% would be more likely to go out to bars and restaurants as soon as restrictions are lifted.

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