Top 5 Restaurants In Abuja

Top 5 Restaurants In Abuja

In this article, we’ll be discussing the top 5 restaurants in Abuja, where you can relax this weekend with your friends and families member, or if you just arrive Abuja for vacation. These top 5 restaurants are your best for you.

There are plenty of things to do in Abuja, Nigeria. With an impressive array of tourist activities, as well as a rich history for those fascinated in that subject, Abuja offers a lot to both backpackers and tourist alike. However, with a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, we’ve decided to cut down it down to our top 5 restaurants in Abuja.


Situated within a high-end complex that includes a beauty parlour, swimming pool, and gym, BluCabana offers both indoor and outdoor seating, the latter along the edges of the pool’s waters. Food includes international appetizers and mains with a strong Lebanese influence, the menu spans different world cuisines to include pasta, salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and succulent dishes from the barbecue which include fish suya, a Nigerian favourite, consisting of grilled skewered meat coated with spices.

Serendib Restaurant and Bar



Location wise, this is a beautiful place to have lunch or dinner, as it overlooks the Jabi lake. There is a rooftop canopy, so you can eat out even if the weather turns against you. The menu itself is a fusion of Sri Lankan and Indian dishes, with some Chinese options too, if you’re feeling picky.
For those who want to sample the local food, the menu caters for this as well. Vegetarians also shouldn’t fear, as there are plenty of these too. It’s no more than ₦3500 for food and two beers, so no more needs to be said the restaurant in terms of price.
Hospitality and service are first-class. The locals regard Serendib as the best in town for Indian and Asian cuisine; no endorsement can top that really! With stunning views and delicious food, the Serendib should be on everyone’s itinerary.
Contact Details: 3rd Floor (Roof Top) Lake Crescent Hotel, No.29, Umaru Dikko Street, Jabi, Abuja.

Nile Place Restaurant and Lounge

Nile Place Restaurant Abuja


The Nile Place Restaurant offers a continental and African mix of dishes, meaning if your party is split between the two types of food, this restaurant offers the perfect compromise. The layout of the restaurant really is a plus factor, with a small outdoor area at the front and a more spacious area at the back. Inside, there are three sections, with formal dining space with regular dining tables and chairs.
There is also a business section with nice couches and glass top tables, complemented by contemporary artwork. Finally, there is a Moroccan section, which has rugs and provides a cosier feel. It has low chairs and throws pillows, also offering shisha. Depending on which section you go to, you can enjoy a buffet at an affordable price. All this with quick service and tasty food means that for a more cultured venue, the Nile Place offers a lot for your money.
Contact Details: 10, Nile StreetAbuja

Dunes Continental

Located in the Maitama district, the Dunes Centre encompasses a selection of stylish quality shops, boutiques, pastry shops, cafés and restaurants. Among these, Dunes Continental stands out as an elegant eatery and one of the favourites restaurants in Abuja. Decorated with elegant tables and chairs in the tones of brown and cream, Dunes is warmed by soft lights reflecting on the wooden decor. Featuring strong Middle Eastern accents, the menu draws together a fusion of flavours from across the world, and dishes such as fattoush, kibbeh, and sujuk appear on the side of crispy tempura prawns and Provençal wings.

Zuma Restaurant

Zuma Restaurant Abuja


The Zuma Restaurant is for those who want a more fine dining experience. It is based within the Hilton Hotel. As expected, it is for those who want to indulge themselves a bit more, with the Zuma being one of the more expensive establishments on this list.
The price should not deter those steak lovers, as there is no place better. The wine complements the meal superbly. The quality of preparation and presentation more than justifies the price. As a continental restaurant, there is a strong Western feel, for those who either want a reminder of home or feel something more European/American.
While there are limited opening times, this is offset by the fact that the Zuma is not crowded, meaning that you should always find a place if you decide to walk in on the spur. Adjoining the restaurant is a jazz lounge with a live band which adds to its charm. To put it simply, if you are willing to shell out that bit more, you will be rewarded with a richer and more pleasant experience.
Contact Details: 1 Aguiyi Ironsi Street Maitama, Abuja

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