Top 5 Red Wines in November 2020

Top 5 Red Wines in November 2020

In this post, I will be sharing my top 5 red wines in November 2020, and I want you to send me your own top 5 wines for the month of November 2020.

I will pick 5 wines that I think were outstanding for a special reason: the season, food pairings, a special sale price, or just because the wine tastes great! And I will be rating each wine over 10.

Here are my top 5 red wines for November 2020

Domino Del Rey Red Wine


Dominio Del Rey Red Wine: Number one on my list will be Dominio Del Rey red wine, my gosh this represents a superior product quality produced from grapes grown in the Valdepenas hardy terrain – known for sweetness and a fine texture. This exquisite wine is a truly classic wine that harkens back to an unhurried era in winemaking.  On the palate, it is elegant, velvety, sort of fleshy & flavorful. A wonderful wine! And perfect for every occasion, but I love it during a dinner date.

Rating: 10/10

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Castillo Grande Red Wine


Second, on my list will be my babe favorite, if I don’t put this on my list then i will be sleeping on the chair tonight. But honestly, the wine blew me away.  Castillo Grande red wine It is a soft easy-drinking red wine, full of delicious ripe fruit flavors. Excellent taste with carefully selected flavors blended to make the best Red taste for your pleasure.

Castillo Grande stands for Freedom and fun. From all, I hear and I actually had fun drinking this amazing wine.

Rating: 10/10

Carlo Rossi California Red

Next on my list, this Carlo Rossi California red my goodness what a wine. Carlo Rossi California red is a medium-dry wine featuring fruity notes of ripe berries layered with hints of red fruit.

A chilled bottle of this wine with grilled meats or spicy meat (asun) will make your day worth it. Brothers, I can shout.

Rating: 9/10

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Escudo Rojo Red Wine



The fourth wine is Escudo Rojo is a red wine from Chile with an alcohol content of 14%. It is elegant and has an attractive ruby red color. The taste is fresh, complex, and sweet. You will get some hint of ripe red fruits like raspberry, cherry, and blackberry. I came across this wine through a friend and I simply just love its ripped red grapefruits taste and aroma. It’s perfect for our Nigeria white rice and stew with all the animals you can imagine or think of, trust me.

Rating: 9/10

4th Street Red Wine

4Th Street Sweet Red Wine -75CL – Wine360


Finally,  4th Street red wine boasts of fruity sweetness. A South African red wine, with an alcohol volume of 7.5%. This light-bodied red wine is sweet, easy drinking, fresh, and versatile.

The 4th Street Red wine has a fruity sweetness that comes from preserving fresh grape juice, allowing no fermentation. It combines its sophisticated taste perfectly with the playful fruity taste.
Well, 4th Street red wine is popular amongst South Africans and I had the opportunity to taste is amazing wine in the company of some fine South Africans. And honestly, I was very impressed with is wine due to the fresh fruity taste that comes along with every drop. And I can recommend you try it out with some goat pepper soup, the experience will last long in your mind.
Rating: 9/10

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