The Lakes Distillery Sells Out Exclusive Founders Club Memberships

The Lakes Distillery Sells Out Exclusive Founders Club Memberships

Making a name for English whisky in the picturesque landscapes of the Lake District, The Lakes Distillery has announced a 100% sell out of its 2,975 Founders’ Club memberships.

Designed to allow whisky enthusiasts to see how the spirit evolves during maturation, members will see first-hand the role of quality casks and processes play in making the final product.

Raising £2m in revenue, the Founders’ Club will see members receive a bottle and two sample bottles from the distillery’s first filled casks every year for 10 years.

Members of the Founders’ Club were able to join the journey, starting with access to the Year 1 Single Malt Spirit. The Lakes single malt will be the region’s first.

‘After two years in operation, we are extremely proud to have a Founders’ Club family at The Lakes Distillery,’ said Paul Currie, managing director of The Lakes Distillery.

‘Not only are our members a part of English whisky history, but they are gaining an evolving education and insight into how new whisky develops over time.

‘The location of our members demonstrates a global reach of our whisky around the world. This is a magnificent achievement and is a great step towards cementing our place in the world whisky market.’

As well as the annual bottle and two sample bottles every 10 years, each member of the Founders’ Club will receive other exclusive benefits, such as tastings and talks with Dhaval Gandhi, the distillery’s chief whisky maker.

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