The Best Wines for Fried Chicken

The Best Wines for Fried Chicken

Nigerians love fried chicken, and well seasoned deep-fried chicken is always a delight. Whether you eat it hot or warm, wine and this classic meal go hand in hand. The combination of crunchy skin and juicy, delicately seasoned meat creates a complex bite. The secret to effective wine pairing lies in finding a bottle that complements the mild meat and cuts through the fatty, salty exterior at the same time. Here are some suggestions on the best wines to have fried chicken with.

No wine combines richness, elegance as well as bubbly, so it’s no surprise that a bottle of champagne goes excellently well with fried chicken.

Many Champagnes have fantastic yeasty flavors that complement classic or extra crispy breading. Their inherent high acid and soda-Esque bubbles offer a refreshing contrast to the greasy taste of fried chicken. Almost like a towel, carbonation in wine wipes away the flavor memory of grease and refreshes your palate for the next luscious bite.

Castillo Grande Red Wine

Castillo Grande is a soft easy-drinking red wine, full of delicious ripe fruit flavors. Excellent taste with carefully selected flavors blended to make the best taste for your pleasure.

Dominio Del Rey Red Wine

 A rich and fruity tasting wine with a sweet tinge that comes with the full ripened grapes in the warm autumnal sunshine of the Spanish plateau.

Casa Dorada wine

Casa Dorada wine is a fruit wine suitable for all occasions and it comes in Red grape. Best non-alcoholic tasting wine ever. It taste’s so good and it’s classy and affordable. You can start filling your cart with cases of Casa Dorada wine. It is a healthy drink and it is strictly fruits with added vitamins, It is produced and packaged in Spain, It is a healthy wine with the social appeal, It is suitable for young and old, Casa Dorada is not just your regular non-alcoholic drink, it is the best tasting non-alcoholic drink ever. 

Carlo Rossi Red Wine

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Carlo Rossi offers a fashionable range of deliciously smooth & fruity wines from California. This sweet red wine is well balanced, light to medium-bodied, and has flavors of bright red fruits and fresh floral notes with a nice crisp finish. It’s a good fit for all kind of Nigerian meals.

André Rose

André Rose is a deep, salmon-colored, California champagne; made from a blend of crisp white and succulent red grapes. André Rose is slightly sweeter champagne with a vibrantly fruity bouquet, overtones of white fruit, with a hint of apple and palate-pleasing cranberry notes. André Rose is a deep, salmon-colored California champagne made from a blend of crisp white and succulent red grapes


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