The 7 Best Whiskey Subscriptions of 2020

The 7 Best Whiskey Subscriptions of 2020

Keeping up with the latest whiskey trends can be a challenge. Between limited runs, new releases, and new innovations in distilling, whiskey lovers may feel lost.

So, whether you want to expand your palate or try a new sipping spirit, whiskey subscription boxes may be the answer. You’ll save a trip to the liquor store while building an impressive whiskey collection, plus, discover innovative products and possibly discover a new favorite or two. Read on to see our picks for the best whiskey subscriptions to sign up for today.

Best Overall: Flaviar

FlaviarHigh-quality whiskeys and affordable prices are why Flaviar ranks best overall on this list. Not only does the company have a long history (delivering more than two million samples so far), but the club is designed to help whiskey lovers taste new spirits, more often.

You can try before you buy with a subscription for around $32 per month, or go with the annual membership for approximately $25 per month. For the latter one, you’ll get a full bottle of whiskey, plus, a sampler box with three 1.5-ounce whiskeys every three months, so you can try before you buy. The membership also allows you access to Flaviar’s online shop with 15,000 whiskeys, bourbons, and other spirits to purchase.

In addition to the three personalized samples each quarter, you’ll get complimentary bottles, invitations to events, plus, education about the various spirits. There are additional perks, too, like the extra tasting box of Irish Whiskey that comes when you sign up for an annual membership.

After you subscribe, every three months you’ll receive one tasting box valued at about $40, one full-size bottle valued at around $50, free shipping, free live tasting events, member pricing for shopping, and a generous ‘refer a friend’ program. The tasting boxes are themed bundles with three sample vials at 50ml each. Explore the variety of flavors so you can choose which full-size bottle to purchase.

Best for Variety: Pour More

Pour More
 Pour More features eight different clubs catering to wine, bourbon, scotch, tequila, whiskey, and more. But, the company was originally founded in 2016 by a group of whiskey-loving friends who wanted to share their passion and knowledge with others.

Choose the Whiskey Club at one of three levels: Intro, Explorer, or Enthusiast. Then, pick whether you want delivery every four weeks or bi-monthly to explore a variety of whiskeys from around the world. The Intro level costs about $49 per shipment, while the Explorer level is priced at around $79. The Enthusiast will run you approximately $129.

You’ll receive the classics, but also craft spirits that aren’t available at liquor stores. Each delivery contains a full, 750ml bottle with interesting facts about the distiller and spirit. The company’s goal is to help you learn about the drinks you love, while building your collection and knowledge.

Best for Rare: Shots Box

Shots Box

While sampling a variety of whiskeys is fun, it’s also expensive if you’re unsure of your preferences or distilling methods. If you buy a new whiskey and don’t like it, you’re out of the money you invested. That’s where a Shots Box membership comes in.

Shot Box has curated some of the greatest craft spirits from across the country. These include distillations you won’t be able to get at the local liquor store. The company’s goal is to connect you with new brands, have you experience eclectic varieties, and provide a way for you to read and share opinions on the different products.

For about $50 a month, you get 10 tasting size bottles (50ml) of unique whiskeys. Taste them all, decide which you actually enjoy, and then buy a full-sized bottle. This subscription will not only open you to a new world of whiskies, but also do so in a fun and risk-free way.

Shots Box has similar boxes for vodka, gin, and the Ultimate Box, featuring a mix of spirits and liqueurs.

Best for No Frills: Mash and Grape

Mash and Grape

To start with Mash and Grape, choose your preference of whiskey, bourbon, scotch, gin, or tequila. Each month the company will ship you a carefully-curated bottle chosen from world-class, small distillers and independent bottlers.

The Whiskey Club delivers Japanese, Bourbon, and Scotch whiskeys each month for around $69. A bottle is hand-selected by experts and sent to your door with tasting notes and insider secrets. Sample selections include Redbreast Lustau Edition, Kavalan Concertmaster, and Barrell Bourbon 015.

Choose from three-, six-, or 12-month shipments. Prepay for the months selected (around $207 for three months; about $414 for six months; approximately $828 for 12 months), and each month a bottle will be delivered. All shipments go out on the 15th of each month with a notice, so you can track the delivery.

Mash and Grape is great for gift-giving, too. The brand will curate and select bottles to ship to the recipient each month, along with tasting notes and the story behind the spirit.

Most Sophisticated: Caskers Whiskey Club

Caskers Whiskey Club
Depending on your preference, choose from two clubs at the Caskers Whiskey Club: American Whiskey and World of Whiskey. Either shipment includes two hand-selected, full-size bottles of the hottest, top-shelf whiskeys.

Both clubs deliver two full-size bottles every three months, a custom digital tasting card with the story of the spirit, plus, a guarantee that you’ll never receive the same bottle twice. You’ll be able to build yourself an impressive collection.

Priced at around $147 a month, the American Whiskey Club features an elite and curated selection of U.S.-made bourbon, rye, and more. These are homegrown whiskeys offering a balance of well-known, classic and craft brands.

The World of Whiskey Club costs about $167 a month and bundles spirits from Scotland, Japan, and Ireland, and more. You’ll explore the world of whiskey and its many styles and varieties. Club members receive VIP early access to some of the rarest bottles and new arrivals.

Best Artisan: Craft Whisky Club

Craft Whisky Club

Liquor lovers looking for new trends in the artisan whiskey arena will enjoy the Craft Whisky Club. Depending on your membership, either one or two full-size bottles are delivered every two months. It’s a way to taste spirits from new distillers you may not have heard of, plus, each shipment contains food pairings to taste while you sip and information about the distiller.

The Craft Whisky Club sources the finest small batch and artisan whiskies from Scotland and beyond. Your membership not only delivers unique whiskeys and food pairings for you to enjoy, but also helps craft producers to “grow, develop, and continue creating great whisky.” You’ll also have access to an online community of whiskey drinkers in which to share notes and read reviews.

Choose one bottle every two months for a monthly payment of approximately $50, or two bottles every two months for $90 per month. Regardless of which subscription you choose, your first bottle delivered is an Arran 14-year-old single-malt whiskey. Shipping is included in the price. Your first shipment goes out after two payments are received. To get your first shipment sooner, pay two months upfront.

Best for Surprises: Taster’s Club

Taster’s Club
Taster’s Club

The Taster’s Club ships a full 750ml bottle of rare and premium spirits. You never know what’s coming, so every shipment is a surprise. There’s a mini-lesson, including tasting notes, production techniques, and a history of the distiller, so you will be an expert on the spirit by the time you finish the bottle.

Part of the fun is the surprise of getting a premium and hard to find whiskey options that you may not be familiar with. The Taster’s Club works hard to curate a premium list, including exclusive releases.

Choose the Whiskey Club for about $69 per month, plus shipping, as well as eight other clubs that include whiskey, tequila, gin, rum, vodka, wine, and scotch. Recent whiskey distilleries have included Cedar Ridge, Sonoma County, Balconies and Bluebird. Or, go for Stock the Bar and receive a different spirit each month for around $58.

You’ll receive a full 750ml “must-have” bottle every four weeks, plus, tasting and distillery notes. It’s a monthly club, and you can cancel at any time with no hidden fees

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