Star Trek’s Captain Pi-card Made Wine and Now You Can Actually Drink It

Star Trek’s Captain Pi-card Made Wine and Now You Can Actually Drink It

In anticipation of the Star Trek: Picard series coming out in 2020, Wines That Rock is producing a series of bottles inspired by the cult-favorite show. While Vulcans would likely turn their nose up at intoxicants, humans in Star Trek have always enjoyed a drink and now you can too.

In Star Trek: The Next Generation, Captain Picard grew up tending to the family vineyard in La Barre, France, while dreaming of joining Starfleet. One of the series’ wines is made at Chateau Picard, an actual vineyard in Bordeaux, France, that has existed independently of the sci-fi franchise for years. It just happens to match up perfectly with the canonic back story of Captain Jean-Luc Picard (played most famously by the great sir Patrick Stewart). The 2016 Chateau Picard Bourgeois Bourdoux will sell for $60 a bottle and is described as an 85% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Merlot blend bottled after spending 14 months in oak barrels.

The series also includes a 2017 Special Reserve United Federation of Planets Old Vine Zinfandel, a California blend that is 87% Zinfandel, 12% Petit Sirah, and 1% Syrah. This bottle is $50 and both wines can be purchased at

Wines That Rock is a company under CBS Consumer Products and is the same company that does music-inspired wines with Kiss and The Rolling Stones. The company also branched out to include wines in collaboration with media like Downton Abbey and NPR.

For Trekkies already running to the liquor store to purchase these wines, you can also get a James T Kirk bourbon that was released last year. If you don’t have time to go to the store, just make one of these Star Trek cocktails instead.

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