Stanley Tucci Shakes Up a Storm with Viral Negroni Video

Stanley Tucci Shakes Up a Storm with Viral Negroni Video

For many, the phrase “shaken not stirred” evokes images of James Bond blockbusters and slimline Martini glasses. But for drinks enthusiasts, the command represents a serious crime against one of the world’s all-time classic cocktails.

On Monday night, Stanely Tucci committed a similar act of classic cocktail treason. Like Bond, the Hollywood star professed his preference for “shaken not stirred,” but this time referring to a completely different drink: the Negroni.

Tucci uploaded the video to his Instagram account, charming viewers with his “soothing,” “hot,” and “impressive” mixology skills, depending on which digital publication you read. But of the many words one might use to describe his skills, traditional certainly wouldn’t be one.

Following the classic proportions, the famous actor measured equal parts gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari. Placing ice into the shaker he joked, “Use your hands because it’s the most hygenic way.”

At this point, Tucci took a sharp turn off-piste, and put a lid on the tin and started to shake. Pouring the finished drink into a (non-chilled) coupe glass, he completed the “Negroni” with a sliced orange garnish and served it without ice, another non-conformist preference he made clear earlier in the video.

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The preparation may have been questionable but the delivery was definitely ice cold. And who’s to blame the man? After all, there’s nothing wrong with shaking things up every now and then.

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