Spot of the Month – Krispy Kreme

Spot of the Month – Krispy Kreme

When the red ‘Hot’ light comes on, you know that pure joy is just moments away. The captivating smell of the freshly hand-crafted, world-famous Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnut will hypnotise you. Their hot, fluffy Original Glazed Doughnut is simply irresistible, inspiring happiness with a single bite; but who can just stop at just one bite? With a secret recipe that is internationally renowned, Krispy Kreme has created the most famous doughnuts since 1937. The secret recipe means that their Original Glazed Doughnut has the same mouth-watering, melt-in-your-mouth flavour the world-over; the same bite in London, Johannesburg or New York, a comfort that continues to spread the fame of Krispy Kreme.


Krispy Kreme opened its doors to thousands of adoring fans this year in Lagos with two locations: Ikeja City Mall and Victoria Island. While they patiently wait for the red light to turn on and claim a free, hot Original Glazed Doughnut, customers at both locations can watch and drool over the process of making the Glazed from batter to doughnut, through a glass wall displaying the mini-factory.


With 16 varieties to choose from, picking just one Krispy Kreme doughnut is a delicious challenge. Every flavour winks at you, tempting you with its toppings, fillings and smooth and shiny glaze. From the colourful sprinkles on the Chocolate Iced Glazed, to the touch of seductive red bespoke filling of the Powdered Strawberry; or the decadent Triple Chocolate, leaving little to the imagination and fulfilling every expectation; or the pastel purple of the refreshing and light Fresh ’ N ’ Fruity Blueberry, each flavour invokes a different emotion making the choice that much more difficult.

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But Krispy Kreme is much more than mouth-watering doughnuts. It is an experience. A box of doughnuts involves sharing that experience with friends, indulging with colleagues and gathering with the whole family. It’s about celebrating. It’s about comfort. It’s about becoming the most popular person in the room. Whether you take your Krispy Kreme to go, or get comfortable in a booth with free, hi-speed Wi-Fi in one of their cosy spaces, there will be a smile on your face.


More than just doughnuts, Krispy Kreme’s drinks menu gives you more reasons to stop in at any time of the day. Their 100% Arabica coffee, roasted in Nigeria, makes for one of the best coffees in Lagos. Made with fresh milk, their cappuccinos and lattes have a creamy taste you won’t find anywhere else. Or cool off with one of Krispy Kreme’s unique hand-spun Frozzé shakes, paired perfectly with a matching doughnut.


Whether you’re there in time for a hot Original Glazed and a creamy cappuccino; or you stop in to pick-up boxes of double-dozen extra-special mix to celebrate a friend’s birthday; or you’re looking for somewhere to work that will inspire great ideas, Krispy Kreme will invoke a sense of happiness that will keep you going back for more joyful moments.

33 Bishop Aboyade Cole Street

Victoria Island

t: 09087415026

174/194, Obafemi Awolowo Way

Alausa, Ikeja

t: 09087415025

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