Sold Out: Why The World Can’t Get Enough of Underwood’s Canned Bubbles

Sold Out: Why The World Can’t Get Enough of Underwood’s Canned Bubbles

Crisp, classy, and convenient: Underwood’s canned Bubbles are one of the few wines that can go from hiking trip, to holiday party, to Netflix-and-chill night without a hitch. So it’s no wonder that Bubbles (and Rosé Bubbles) have sold out every year since their inception in 2016.

And by sellout, we mean stores literally can’t keep the wine in stock. A  spokesperson of Union Wine Company, which owns Underwood, divulged that Bubbles inventory depleted immediately after release in 2016 and 2017. Even after production almost doubled in 2018, canned Bubbles were still sold out by fall. In just two years, Bubbles became Union Wine Company’s fastest-growing wine.

The now sold-out Rosé Bubbles. Photo Credit: Union Wine Co.

What made Bubbles and Rosé Bubbles such a runaway success? First, you can thank Americans for finally embracing canned wine. In fact, Forbes reported a 43% rise in U.S. canned wine sales from June 2017 through 2018.

But not every canned wine is flying off the shelves. We decided to see (and taste) what all of the overwhelming demand was about. Of course, Underwood’s Bubbles in a can are sold out for the rest of 2018. However, we were able to sample the brand-new Bubbles in a bottle, which Underwood released just in time for the holidays. 

The first thing we noticed was the unique beer cap-style closure on the bottle. We love that it’s decidedly less fussy than traditional Champagne corks — it’s easier to open, and there’s no risk of a cork flying into someone’s eye. This is Union Wine Company’s mantra of the “beerification of wine”, brought to life. Their goal is to make wine more approachable, while also elevating its roots in craft.

Both Bubbles and Rosé Bubbles are sourced primarily from Oregon’s Willamette Valley and Applegate Valleys. Oregon enjoyed a temperate vintage in 2017, with a long, warm summer tempered by cool evenings. This quality shows through in both wines, which manage to strike the balance between bright acidity, vibrant fruit, approachable effervescence. Bubbles has zesty citrus aromatics and is relatively dry on the finish, while Rosé Bubbles leans more towards strawberry and cherry blossom and has more prominent residual sweetness. Stainless steel fermentation contributes to its clean, crisp finish.

At just $15 a bottle or $28 for a pack of four cans (equivalent to two bottles), Bubbles offers tremendous value. The wines are also extremely versatile — both food-friendly and entirely delectable on their own.

With its vibrant flavors, portability, and approachable price point, it’s no wonder Underwood’s Bubbles and Rosé Bubbles are such rapid sellouts. The canned versions will return in 2019. Until then, bottled versions can be purchased at, or at a retailer near you via their wine finder.

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