Resurrecting the Stepped Napier Jigger

Resurrecting the Stepped Napier Jigger

We haven’t been idle while our recently released Hammered Mixing Glass was manufactured and in transit. And now that one project has wrapped up, another is about to begin!  We are very excited to introduce our next cocktail tool, the stepped Napier Jigger.

This gorgeous cocktail measure was originally produced by the Napier company in the 1930’s. It features four simple, stepped measurements in 1/2 ounce increments, which are easy to discern and create a remarkable aesthetic. We also think the handle is nice!

When we set out to design a measuring cup, we explored many designs, but couldn’t resist the way this vintage piece was nearly exactly what we wanted.

It took us months to find and purchase just three of the vintage pieces to use and test. They are really hard to find, and really expensive. These are the ones we got:

vintage Napier stepped jiggers

Two of the three were in pretty rough shape, but they still cost us a pretty penny. I think the cheapest one we got was $65.00 on eBay. You can get a pristine specimen for $275 here.

But from a usability standpoint, once we got them, we fell in love even more. We decided that this was it. We are so excited to make the Napier stepped Jigger available (and affordable) for you to own, use, and fall in love with yourself!  

Design Modifications

We have made a few modifications to the original stepped Napier Jigger. Partly this is to increase functionality, and partly to prevent shady folks from passing our tools off as originals to unsuspecting collectors:  

  • Addition of commonly-used ¼ oz and ¾ oz internal measurement lines. The original Napier Jigger does not have these markings.
  • Addition of Standard Spoon logo on underside. The original Napier Jigger has “Napier” underneath the handle. Ours will not, but will have our logo on the bottom of the jigger.

Copper Napier Jigger and Hammered Mixing Glass by Standard Spoon The Stepped Napier Jigger in Copper and Silver. Standard Spoon will also produce a Gold-Plated version, not pictured.

The Stepped Napier Jigger in Copper and Silver. Standard Spoon will also produce a Gold-Plated version, not pictured.

Finish Options for the Napier Stepped Jigger

  • Silver-Plated Napier Jigger – We are honoring the original design with a silver-plated version, just like they were made in the ’30’s. We are also adding:
  • Solid Copper Napier Jigger – the copper jigger will be SOLID copper, not plated. Copper plating has a tendency to rub off a little too easily, so when we found out we could make it completely copper, we went for it.  
  • Gold-Plated Napier Jigger – we’re not making a solid gold jigger (how much would THAT thing cost?!), but gold plating processes are pretty well developed. 

For the Minimalist: The Industry’s Napier Jigger

We’ve also thought a lot about functionality from the perspective of a hardworking bartender. We always consider industry use when designing our tools, and from the very beginning knew we wanted to create a modified version specifically for our friends behind the bar. 

We’ll be stripping down the Napier Jigger for efficient use and easy care by eliminating the handle, and making it in easily maintainable stainless steel.  When our Kickstarter launches this month, there will be an Industry 2-pack reward option: A pair of stackable Napier measuring cups that save space on the bar top and require no-fuss cleanup. 

Napier Sketches (5 of 5) 1000 x 666.jpg
Napier Sketches (1 of 5) 1000 x 666.jpg

Kickstarter Launch: September 11, 2017

Head on over to our Facebook Page to RSVP for our Launch Event, get a reminder on launch day, and read all the details of our 24 Hour Flash sale (ends September 12th at 7PM)

24 Hour Flash Sale

During the first 24 hours of the campaign, you can get any of the jiggers for just $24, which is up to 30% off the final retail price. There’s no limit to how many $24 Jiggers you pre-order, as long as you do so during the first 24 hours!

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