Prices of Rice in Nigeria per Bag (9th December 2020)

Prices of Rice in Nigeria per Bag (9th December 2020)

Rice is a common staple across the world. Most peoples and cultures of the world eat rice as an everyday, regular type of meal. It is a cereal grain and is harvested as a seed of the grass species scientifically known as Oryza sativa. In Nigeria, rice is not only a daily meal that can be taken anywhere and anytime, but it is also a ceremonial food; it is a common feature at parties and ceremonies, including birthdays, marriages, naming ceremonies, and burial rites. But just how much is a bag of rice in Nigeria?

Some of the ways rice is prepared in Nigeria are Jollof, white rice, fried rice, Banga rice, coconut rice, and so on. Rice is packed in sacks of different sizes which include 50kgs, 25kgs, 10kgs, and even 5kgs. These go for different prices and are dependent on the brand, color, and quality of the produce. For as long as memory can search, the price of rice in Nigeria has always fluctuated. This fluctuation can be seasonal or can be a result of exchange rates (at the time Nigeria was still a major importer of rice). Things are quite different today, but rice is still not as cheap as Nigerians want it to be.

With the current ban on rice importation in Nigeria and the rapid growth of rice farming in states like Kebbi, the price of rice has become somewhat bearable, but Nigerians keep wondering why rice cannot be as affordable as a basic meal can be. What is the true situation of rice in Nigeria? How much does it cost? Let’s first take a general outlook on what the situation is all over the world.

Current Prices of Rice in Nigeria

Below are the current prices of rice in Nigerian markets across the geopolitical zones in the country. These prices are for those who are not particular about brand per se.

  • Rice (50kg) @ Mile 12 Market, Lagos == N28,000 (imported)
  • Rice (Paint Bucket) @ Mile 12 Market, Lagos == N2,400 (imported)
  • Rice (50kg) @ Ninth Mile Market, Enugu == N28,000 (local)
  • Rice (Paint Bucket) @ Ninth Mile Market == N2,650 (local)
  • Rice (50kg) @ Ughelli Main Market == N30,000 (local)
  • Rice (Paint Bucket) @ Ughelli Main Market == N2,500 (local)
  • Rice (50kg) @ Umuahia Main Market, Abia == N21,000 (local)
  • Rice (Paint Bucket) @ Umuahia Main Market == N1,750 (local)
  • Rice (50kg) @ Maitagari Market, Jigawa == N20,000 (imported)
  • Rice (Tier) @ Maitagari Market, Jigawa == N1,300 (imported)
  • Rice (50kg) @ Anchau Market, Kaduna == N24,000 (local)
  • Rice (Tier) @ Anchau Market, Kaduna == N1,200 (local)
  • Rice (50kg) @ Gboko Main Market, Benue == N17,500 (local)
  • Rice (Mudu) @ Gboko Main Market, Benue == N1,500 (local)

We cannot explore the price of rice in Nigeria without considering the different brands that used to be available in the Nigerian market. These brands, which are produced by several countries across the world, dominated the Nigerian market for a long time. They include Mama Gold, Stallion, Caprice, Rice Master, Royal Stallion, and so on. Today, many of these brands still exist in the market at the following prices.

Price of Ofada Rice in Nigeria

Olu Olu Ofada Rice, Vegan. 1.5kg | eBay

Named after Ofada town in Ogun state, Nigerian brown rice is commonly grown rice specie in the area and some other parts of the country. It is amazing because sometimes, the rice is treated as a luxury commodity, available in choice restaurants and bars across the country.

The 50kg bag of Ofada rice is sold for about 25,000 naira to 28,000 naira, the 25kg bag for 12,500 naira to 15,000 naira and the 10kg for 5,000 naira to 6,500 naira.

Prices of Mama Pride Rice in Nigeria

Mama Pride Premium Parboiled Rice In 50kg bag in Ikotun/Igando - Meals & Drinks, Jude Pius | Find more Meals & Drinks services online from

Mama Gold rice is a popular brand of rice in Nigeria and for very good reasons. It is a superior quality Thai-parboiled rice that contains very little starch content. Many Nigerians call it special rice for this reason, as it is easy to cook; you don’t have to spend too much time parboiling all over again. It comes at different sizes and prices accordingly. This rice is available in several markets across the country, including the popular Daleko market in Lagos.

The 50kg bag of Mama Gold rice is sold for about 28,000 naira to 30,000 naira, the 25kg bag for 14,000 naira to 15,000 naira and the 10kg for 6,000 naira to 6,500 naira.

Prices of Royal Stallion Rice in Nigeria

Royal Stallion Rice 50kg - Abaa Express

This rice is marketed by the Stallion Group of Companies, marketers of other Stallion-branded products, including several food items, automobiles, and household items. Stallion rice is one of the world-leading rice brands, with rice from reputable countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, India, Brazil, and the United States of America. It offers a quality variety of rice and little wonder it is a well sought-after brand in the country

The 50kg bag of the Royal Stallion rice goes for about 29,500 naira to 31,000 naira, the 25kg bag goes for about 14,500 naira to 15,500 naira and the 10kg Rice for about 5,000 naira to 6,000 naira. The Royal Stallion Rice is well sought after because it is a very high quality rice that you are bound to enjoy.

Prices of Master Chef Rice in Nigeria

Sample Rice List | Jannamer Rice Corporation Wholesale and Retailer

Master Chef Rice is another known quality brand that has dominated the market for some time and given satisfaction to our taste buds. It is a well-parboiled and tasty blend of rice with a unique flavor and color. It is available in major markets across the nation at a reasonably competitive price too.

The 50kg bag of Master Chef Rice can be gotten for 29,000 naira while the 25kg bag can be gotten within the range of 15,500 naira to 16,000 naira.

Prices of Caprice in Nigeria


Caprice is another popular household name in Nigeria. In fact, it is one brand that you’re likely to see everywhere you look in the country. Along with Mama Gold and Stallion, it stands tall as one of the most popular rice brands in the country. It has been one of the cheapest brands as well for some time. Let’s now see how much this rice currently sells in the Nigerian market.

The 50kg bag of Caprice can be purchased for about 29,000 naira to 31,000 naira while the 25kg bag can be purchased for about 14,500 naira to 15,500 naira.

Prices of Other Rice Brands in Nigeria

Falcon Rice: This is a medium, long, and whole grain rice that is produced in the United States. It is not a commonly eaten specie but is growing in popularity, especially among Nigerians who have spent some time in the USA and elsewhere.

Basmati Rice: Basmati Rice is another brand that is fast growing in popularity. Many say it is low in sugar and is, therefore, choice rice for many weight-watching ladies, and maybe men too. Basmati rice comes in its own unique packs and is available in several supermarkets across the country.

Some people can some basic questions as regards to rice in this country and I have taking time to help with these questions.

How many kg is a bag of rice in Nigeria

Full bag of rice is 50kg, however you can get a 5kg pack. It all depends on your preference and pocket. You can also get bags of rice at 10 kg, 25kg and 30kg.

How many milk cups are in a paint bucket of rice

44 milk cups

How many dericas are in a paint bucket of rice

5 dericas make up one paint bucket

How many derica in a bag of rice

There are 64 dericas in 50 kg bag of rice, 32 dericas in half bag of rice

How many grains of rice are in a 1kg bag of rice?

There are 50,000 grains in a one kg bag of rice

What is a mudu of rice

One mudu is 1.3kg

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