Price Of Blue Label In Nigeria

Price Of Blue Label In Nigeria

During the course of this week, I did a post on the price of Johnnie Walker Red Lable in Nigeria. So, I thought it will be great to do a post on Johnnie Walker Blue Lable. In this article, we’ll show the price of blue label in the current Nigerian market.

Blue Label’s bold, multi-layered palate and silky delivery ensure that it sits unchallenged at the top of the Johnnie Walker pile.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is their rarest blend. This isn’t a whiskey for beginners. It’s challenging and an acquired taste, but like the finest rewards in life is worth it.

Blue Label is made from a few exceptional whiskeys with powerful flavors. Each bottle is precious and individually numbered. Each contains a rare taste and gives an intense experience.

Blue Label is the ultimate luxury Scotch Whisky and supplies of Blue Label are limited by the rarity and expense of the whiskeys used in the blend.

Johnnie Walker Blue is an exceptional treasure. This charming blend is made from some of Scotland’s rarest and most phenomenal Scotch Whiskies. It is rich and smoky like no other, with lusciously smooth crumbling waves of dynamic flavor. The first rushing flavors on the palate are hazelnuts, honey, sheer, and tumble, before delivering mysterious secrets like dark chocolate, ginger, kumquats, and sandalwood. A rich honey confection emanates, followed by hints of dried fruits and pepper, before an impossibly lengthy, lingering, smooth finish of thoroughly balanced, soft smoke.


The history behind Johnnie Walker Blue Label interestingly enough dates back to 1990, when Johnnie Walker, a company that is obsessed with consistency with its products, reached into some of their reserve casks and created a blend out of multiple whiskeys. It is rumored that some of the rarest whiskeys that can be 60 years old are mixed with other newer blends to create the signature and sought-after smooth and light taste.

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Due to the rarity of the ingredients, the nearly guaranteed consistency and the unique scent (Hazelnut, honey, sherry, and oranges) and flavor notes (ginger, sandalwood, dark chocolate, dried fruit, and pepper), Johnnie Walker Blue Label is one of the most popular whiskeys available today, likely to please just about anyone.

Price Of Blue Label In Nigeria

Here are the prices of blue label In Nigeria

Johnnie Walker Blue Label 70cl X 6                                                    ₦360,000

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky Online In Nigeria

Johnnie Walker Blue Label 70cl X                                                        ₦ 60,000

product_image_name-Johnnie Walker-BLUE LABEL Jonny Walker 70cl-1

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