Popular Wines Enjoyed By Nigeria’s Richest Men

Popular Wines Enjoyed By Nigeria’s Richest Men

In the realm of Nigeria’s rich and influential men, there are various premium alcohol drinks that elegance their sense of taste.

Along these lines, everything began with a visit with Founder/CEO of online beverages store, Drinks.ng Lanre Akinlagun on the effect of the new extract obligation rates on privately delivered liquor.

Skip News looked to discover what the rich beverage. That is the means by which we wound up with this rundown of the most well-known wines among Nigeria’s super-rich.

Incredibly, we understood that a container of wine could cost in excess of a 1-room loft in certain pieces of Lagos and considerably more than the central government’s lowest pay permitted by law.

Here are somewhere in the range of few wines we think the most extravagant men in Nigeria appreciate in no order.

1. Chateau Cheval Blanc 2013 

Chateau Cheval Blanc 20

You presumably have belittled the ubiquity of extravagance French wines in an evidently 3rd world nation like Nigeria.

The 2013 Cheval Blanc has discovered a protected spot in the palates of Nigerian wine sweethearts. In any case, its sticker price of roughly 350,000 naira for every container makes it a selective safeguard of the advantaged world class.

Commentators depict it as one of the most pleasurable you will discover in this vintage.

2. The Mouton Rothschild 2011

 Mouton Rothschild 2011

Mouton Rothschild is a legitimate European winemaker.

It has been portrayed by commentators as an exemplary Bordeaux vintage to be positioned among the better or maybe even the best.

Shockingly, the palates of Nigeria’s rich and amazing think that it’s entirely pleasurable that they wouldn’t fret separating with 423,500 naira for every jug.

A container of Mouton Rothschild comprises of six, 75CL jugs and goes for about 2.5 million naira. That could be more than your yearly pay.

3. Chateau Yquem 2008

Chateau Yquem 2008

Wines from Château d’Yquem are a portion of Europe’s loved extravagances. However, they remain a most loved of some rich Nigerians.

An extraordinary element for which Château d’Yquem wines are known is their life span.

It is said to be able to last over 100 years. A container of it comprises of six, 75CL jugs and goes for N1,270,500.

4. Grand Constance


Grand Constance is a blend of red and white Muscat and has a beautiful liquid amber colour. The nose shows dried apricots, honey, and caramel, while the red Muscat gives the wine Turkish Delight and rose petal aromatics.

The dried fruit and floral character follow on the palate, with the natural sweetness beautifully balanced by the fresh acidity.

Which is sold for 30,658 per bottle.

5. Assi Puglia

Assi Puglia

Rich and amazing comes in a few assortments. Wine producers get that, and that is the place Assi Puglia comes in.

For some social climbers, Assi Puglia gives an awesome chance to remain over the fight and catch their objective.

Assi Puglia brands appear to be well known in Nigeria particularly at clubs. With a sticker price of 85,910 naira for each container, it is well past the span of purported white collar class however well inside the methods for rising agreeable business people.

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