No and Low-abv Beer Specialist Sobersauce Launches

No and Low-abv Beer Specialist Sobersauce Launches

Sobersauce is a new e-commerce service exclusively dedicated to the no and low beer category

Tapping into the growing interest for a quality-driven and diverse lower-abv drinks selection, Sobersauce offers a wide range of beers all clocking in at 0.5% abv or less.

The range includes brews from Imbibe’s No and Low Taste Awards winner Big Drop, plus renowned brands such as Adnams, Brooklyn, Lucky Saint, and St Peter’s.

‘From Lucky Saint to Braxzz Orange IPA and beyond, all have been carefully taste-tested, judged and curated into our collections,’ commented Sobersauce founder, Adam Uttley. 

‘Quite often when people look into making the switch to alcohol-free beer, they pick up one or two non-alcoholic beers at the supermarket and inevitably, don’t enjoy them and perhaps even end up throwing them away. It’s a waste… people who tried [Sobersauce] found beers that they love, so we’re saving you time and money.’

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