New Spiced Golden Rum From Southwestern Distillery

New Spiced Golden Rum From Southwestern Distillery

Twin Fin has been created by the makers of Tarquin’s Gin to showcase both the Caribbean and the wild Cornish coast

Master distiller Tarquin Leadbetter has used his experience of making gin to create this new spiced golden rum. First, he distills a secret spice recipe in a flame-fired Cornish copper pot still, before blending it with Jamaican pot still rum and a column-still rum from the Dominican Republic. It is then finished with Pedro Ximenez sherry and rested over charred oak chips.

The Cornish Beach Cooler

Glass: Highball
Mint sprig
Muddle lime with sugar in the glass, add some mint and ginger ale and serve long over ice.

50ml Twin Fin
½ lime
Ginger ale
Brown sugar
Sprig fresh mint

‘Twin Fin is a rum for the beach,’ said Leadbetter. ‘It’s zesty, tropical and liberally spiced. The delicious result of two years of research and tasting! There is no other rum like it.’

On the nose, Imbibe thought Twin Fin started heavy on vanilla and banana, with an immediate sweetness from the sherry, before moving into oak notes and light citrus. On the palate, cinnamon comes first before moving into more caramel with vanilla, while the finish is lightly spicy.

The striking blue bottle and simple typography also give this rum a refreshing and clean aesthetic, a far cry from pirates and pinups.

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