New Look, Same Original Taste – the Glenlivet Reaches Out to a New Generation of Whisky Drinkers

New Look, Same Original Taste – the Glenlivet Reaches Out to a New Generation of Whisky Drinkers

Single malt whisky was, until fairly recently, perceived to be stuffy and inaccessible. The Glenlivet is on a mission to open the world of single malt whisky to a new generation of whisky drinkers. With this in mind, it recently revealed a new look for the core range within its Ultra-premium Scotch whisky portfolio, which celebrates the brand’s rich history while reflecting its modern vision.

Senior Brand Manager, Blue Masoka explains, ‘The Glenlivet is on a mission to introduce a new generation of whisky drinkers to the single malt Scotch category, which means shedding its association with the old boys’ club while maintaining its status as the epitome of quality, purity, and premium in the whisky world.’

Q: Many other leading whisky brands are also working hard to connect with younger whisky drinkers. How is The Glenlivet doing things differently? 

A: The Glenlivet is the world’s original single malt, and authenticity is our trademark. By putting a fresh new spin on things – the most groundbreaking bottle redesign in the brand’s history – we’ve made a bold move designed to entice a new generation of whisky drinkers to the category.

Q: Tell us more about the changes to the core range within The Glenlivet’s Ultra-premium Scotch whisky portfolio? 

A: The new look of the core range celebrates the brand’s rich history while reflecting its modern vision.  Every single malt in the range has its own elegant colour to help it stand out in the whisky category – while to celebrate the heritage of The Glenlivet, which means ‘smooth-flowing one’, a smooth-flowing curve has been introduced to the label to unify the collection. The pack and label also feature information about the brand’s history and provenance, giving new Scotch drinkers the opportunity to learn more about the fascinating story behind The Glenlivet.

Q: What about the taste and texture of the whisky itself? Any change to this? 

A: Absolutely no change at all. Our loyal whisky drinkers need not fear – the liquid itself remains unchanged.  It’s still the same single malt you know and love.

Q: Is it true that this redesign is just an attempt to get more attention in a crowded market?

A: Not at all. This isn’t about trying to get attention. Our whisky drinkers love what’s inside the bottle and this new look is our invitation to join us on this next stage of The Glenlivet’s journey. The new packaging is a reminder that we’ve come a long way to get to where we are today and it’s all thanks to the pioneering spirit of our founder, George Smith.

Q: Let’s talk about The Glenlivet’s heritage and legacy.  How does this move honour the tradition that is really at the heart of The Original Single Malt Whisky? 

A: Yes it does. Tradition is important. It tells us where we’ve come from, but also guides us into the future. The Glenlivet’s legacy, already familiar to seasoned single malt Scotch drinkers, dates back to 1824, and resonates with the pioneering spirit of our founder George Smith, who built and always protected the reputation of the brand.‘

Q: Why do you think the new look range will resonate with younger whisky drinkers? 

A: We believe the story behind The Glenlivet is likely to fulfil the need for a deeper connection, while the modern yet timeless look of the redesigned range will catch the eye of new whisky drinkers, and, as every seasoned single malt whisky drinker will tell you, that’s how the journey begins…

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