New Fabal lager launches in the UK

New Fabal lager launches in the UK

The creator of honey-beer brand Hiver, Hannah Rhodes, has launched a new beer to the UK market.

The new brew, Fable, is a lager made using all-English ingredients and packaging. Its recipe includes pressed barley, an unusual beer ingredient which is used here as a ‘local’ alternative to rice.

‘When we were looking at alternative profiles in lager,’ commented Rhodes, ‘we were always interested in the way rice gave this type of beer a dry character. However, it was important to me that anything we produce showcases the best UK ingredients and so the challenge was on to create a delicate lager with only English ingredients, so we explored native ingredients like pressed barley that gave the same effect.’

Fabal shows a fresh, crisp nose, with an elegant flower character, notes of citrus fruit and honey, and a distinctive aroma of dried apricot. The palate is light, harmonious, with plenty of grainy and flowery flavors leading to a very dry finish.

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