Mr Black Launches Single Origin Coffee Liqueurs in Uk

Mr Black Launches Single Origin Coffee Liqueurs in Uk

The Single Origin series will showcase the best coffee regions from around the world, with the first batch made with coffee from Acevedo, Columbia.

Made with 100% natural arabica coffee, Single Origin Columbia balances ‘sweet fruit notes’ with ‘berry and fig character’ and is lighter than the original Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur. The ‘honey’ processed beans grown near Huila in Columbia undergo a light, natural fermentation before processing, which produces a smooth liqueur.

‘We wanted to give those that love coffee as much as we do, the opportunity to celebrate the amazing diversity in the flavour of single-origin coffees – whether they are feeling it day or night,’ said Mr Black co-founder, Tom Baker.

He continued: ‘One of the benefits of being a small company that focuses entirely on boozy coffee, is that we can produce interesting and unique innovations like this, working directly with small producers from all over the world.’

The new Single Origin from Colombia is best enjoyed neat or over ice. Mr. Black’s global coffee ambassador, Martin Hudák, suggests trying the liquid by itself, although he has used it in an ‘Old Fashioned-style cocktail with sweet vermouth & dark rum’.

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