Matugga Distillers  Launches The New Scottish Rum Range

Matugga Distillers Launches The New Scottish Rum Range

The Liv Rum assortment from the Livingston smaller scale refinery incorporates two white rums, a spiced rum, and two enhanced mixers.

It is supposed to be enlivened by the prevalence of art spirits and privately made produce, and is ‘handmade through and through utilizing normal and occasional fixings’.

The center range involves three rums: Pot Refined White Rum (42% abv), Naval force Quality White Rum (57.5% abv), and Dark Spiced Rum (40% abv) which is mixed with Scottish heather.

‘It’s been a thrill ride of a year for a significant number of us,’ said head distiller and co-proprietor, Paul Rutasikwa. ‘Getting our new range to this point, packaged and prepared, has been a test however we’re glad to have the option to uncover our imaginative new assortment.

‘It’s a festival of our affection to create rum, of Scotland’s temperament, and the country’s developing promise to quality, nearby makers. Liv Rum is the subsequent stage in Matugga Distillers’ story, we needed to make an open scope of excellent rums that are of extraordinary worth and exhibit the decent variety and adaptability of the soul.’

The assortment likewise incorporates two enhanced alcohols, Raspberry and Hibiscus Rum Alcohol (32% abv) and Nectar and Lavender Rum Alcohol which will be accessible to pre-request in front of its discharge in July 2020.

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