Low-abv sparkling wine Wild Life Botanicals launches

Low-abv sparkling wine Wild Life Botanicals launches

In response to the no and low trend, a 0.5% abv English sparkling wine has been launched. Wild Life Botanicals is made in Cornwall and is the culmination of months of product development by a team with quite the roll call of job titles (naturopath, medical herbalist, oenologist, taste and sensory developer, master brewer and food scientist).

‘With a background in luxury food, drink and hospitality I appreciate good wine, but… I couldn’t find anything that appealed to my dry palate in the sparkling wine category that was ultra-low in alcohol when I needed it to be,’ said Wild Life Botanical founder Ellie Bradshaw.

‘I was bored with sparkling water, elderflower pressed out and didn’t want the high sugar content often found in so many soft drinks.’

The two expressions, Nude and Blush, contain eight vitamins and minerals, including zinc, niacin, and Vitamin B6, as well as five botanicals (damask rose, lemon balm, rosemary, damiana, and ashwagandha). These were incorporated because Bradshaw wanted to craft a wine that offered those concerned with their health an alternative to more traditional, boozier beverages. And with its low alcohol content, it comes in at as little as 32 calories per 125ml glass.

Wine writer and consultant Douglas Blyde put it to the test and was impressed: ‘This is a happy encounter. It doesn’t feel like I’m missing out on an essential component (ie alcohol). With champagne-like bubbles, Wild Life Botanicals is refreshing, has good acidity and moreish. The look is limpid and the aftertaste is super-clean and balanced.’

Tasting notes, courtesy of Douglas Blyde

Wild Life Botanicals Nude

Vivid green hints, followed by a generous… perfume evoking seasonal gooseberry, greengage, and even young banana. On the dry palate are tickly champagne-like bubbles encapsulating the freshness and zing of lime and mango.

Wild Life Botanicals Blush

Pouts with juicy, wild strawberry aromas, followed by a notably rounded, mineral palate evoking rosehip tea, strawberries and cream, and Cornish orchard fruits such as crab apple and a red apple.

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