Lambrusco Wine Price In Nigeria (Updated)

Lambrusco Wine Price In Nigeria (Updated)

Here in this article, we are going to bring you the current and most up-to-date Lambrusco Wine Price in Nigeria.

Looking for a wine that has withstood the test of time, yet maintains its originals taste and quality, I would say Lambrusco wine is that wine.

The history of Lambrusco is dated back to the Roman Empire. As at that time, the Romans were already drinking a version of Lambrusco wine.

The Romans called it labrusca a version of the Latin word labrum which means edge or border and ruscum meaning plant.

One reason they call this grape this name is it grows along the edge of the field. This accounts for why the grape farmer trained the grapevine to climb a poplar tree.

Some of the reasons for this are: to prevent fungi, ensure it received the right amount of humidity, sunshine and guide it against adverse weather.

The end result of such a process is to get bumper yield. This grapefruit is celebrated for giving a high yield in wine production.

The farmer of these grapes takes great precautions to ensure the grape is matured and free from fungi that can affect the taste.

Though the grapes used in making this wine is not sweet on its own but sweetened through fermentation or other means. The level of dryness or sweetness of the wine depends on the mixture and fermentation.

Lambrusco wine takes its name after the type of grape used in producing the wine and the region where such grape grows and the wine produced.

This area is known a century ago for producing the best wine among which Lambrusco is their trademark. Its spicy and medium-bodied taste makes it a darling for all wine lovers.

Apart from Italy other countries that produce Lambrusco wine include Australia and Argentina. The wine could either be a dry (Seco) or sweet wine (Dolce).

The majority of Lambrusco wine is a combination of ten varieties of grape depending on the region of production. Their alcoholic content of most of these wines has between 11%-12 ABV.

The colors of the wine depending on the type of grape. But, most of the wine comes in pale ruby or dark purple with a blueberry cherry aroma.

Perhaps the reason why Modena becomes synonymous with Lambrusco wine is the effort of Matilde di Canossa who was then the ruler at the time.

She encouraged the cultivation of this species of grapevine in all her conquered territories. To her, it is a money-spinning business that brought foreign earnings for the region.

In fact, the sales of this wine were as far as France as early as 1850. Two additional factors were responsible for the Modena dominating the production of this wine more than any other place in Italy.

First, is the conviction of the locals that the wine has nutritional value to their diet and health. Second, this grapevine thrives so well in this community.

There are over sixty varieties of Lambrusco wine. The advantage of this variety of wine is to give you the choice. Since each man’s taste differ, you could choose from the color, scent, and preferred alcoholic content level. Let us go through a few of the popular Lambrusco wine. But the following brands stood out among the rest.

Lambrusco di Sorbara

Lambrusco di Sorbara Amabile DOC Contessa Matilde Cavicchioli 0,75 L


Enjoy the best of Lambrusco wines that come in a light, pink-rose hue. They attribute the sweet taste and aroma of this wine to the mixture of the following fruits: orange blossom, mandarin orange, cherries, violets, and watermelon. ABV 11% Price N55,080 12 X 75cl.

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Lini 910Lambrusco Rosso

Image result for Lini 910Lambrusco Rosso

It comes in electric-purple color and dark berry flavor. If you have a taste for dry wine this is among the dry (Seco) Lambrusco wines we have. Price N5,000.

Donelli Lambrusco 1915

Image result for Donelli Lambrusco 1915

The number attached to the name is to celebrate the year the company was established. Price: N6000

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Giacobazzi Lambrusco Rosso Dell’ Emilia IGT

Image result for Giacobazzi Lambrusco Rosso Dell’ Emilia IGT

If you want a wine in-between sweet and bitter, go for Giacobazzi Lambrusco wine. It has an inviting aroma and taste. Four regions in Modena, Italy produced this wine. They are Parma, Reggio Emilia, and Mantua. 6.5% ABV: Price: N2000

 ***Updated December 2020

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