Lagos Holiday Guide – 10 Things to do in Lagos during your Holiday

Lagos Holiday Guide – 10 Things to do in Lagos during your Holiday

One of the best periods in the year to be in Lagos is during the holidays especially the long summer holidays. Lagos is a hotspot during this period as well, very little traffic which means moving around has been made easier due to the schools being on holidays. There are always a couple of events during the weekends, beach hangout and other fun events. If you are in Lagos this holiday and wondering what can you really do in Lagos this holiday and so what if the sun is not out every day

Rufus and bees:

The all in one arcade center has everything thrilling to make your holiday memorable. This is not the everyday Lagos experience it is fun and exciting with dancing challenges, car racing, balling challenge, shooting range, bowling with friends and much more. It is suitable for adults and kids.

Cost – Buzz card with top up N5,000

Lufasi park:

Little haven hidden in Lekki with rescued animals such as Monkeys, donkeys, horses, turtles and many more. The park is massive with at least 45 minutes walk around the beautiful eco-friendly environment and it is peaceful. It is perfect for a picnic with your friends with fun games for a few hours. It gives you the countryside feeling but it is smack in the middle of Lekki. Suitable for adults and kids.

Cost – Entry fee N1000

Upbeat Centre:

This place will race up all the adrenaline in your body and don’t underestimate the work you will need to do at this trampoline center. It is the biggest in West Africa and it houses different types of trampoline transforming exercise into fun for everyone looking for that one hour thrill. Suitable for adults and kids

Cost – N2500 for 1-hour jump

Lekki conservation center:

LCC is famous for having the 2nd longest canopy walk in Africa. It has 7 levels and it is extremely scaring trying it for the first time. At the highest level, it is 22.5 feet from ground level and you can spot the lagoon as well. The conservation center also has a lot of monkeys, peacocks, 100 years old turtles, fish ponds and physical board games. Suitable for adults and kids.

Cost – N1000 entry and N1500 canopy walk

Omu resort:

There is a Lion in Lagos and it is a real thing, not fiction or what you see only on Youtube. Spot the Lion at the zoo and if you are not a fan of watching a lion feeding, you can spot the hyenas, ostrich and other animals at the zoo. The pack also has a SeaWorld for kids to spot different types of fishes. Fun rides, quads bikes and a lot more at Omu resort. It is only about 40 minutes away from the toll gates which makes it a worthy drive. Suitable for adults and kids.

Cost – N3,000 to N5000 for full ticket

Nike arts gallery:

Made famous by the works of the owner who is also a lecturer at Harvard University, Nike arts gallery is a one stop to get the artsy vibe in Lagos. The three-story building filled with paintings, steelworks and more promotes arts, crafts, and culture in Nigeria. There are very few of its kind but it is a major step if you want to embrace culture with a traditional dress-up option, cultural dance e.t.c. Suitable for adults and kids.

Cost – Entry is free and N1000 for showcase

Lekki arts and crafts market:

When you hear looking is free, you know you are in the right place. The Lekki arts and crafts market is one of its kind in Lagos and it attracts a lot of tourists. It is the home of indigenous artists and craftsmen. You can find a lot of paintings, leather goods, home crafts, handmade jewelry and a lot more. The market can be a bit pricey but make sure you go with a local. You will find rare items worth buying.

Cost – Free

Kayak Lagos:

Lagos is surrounded by water and you can kayak into the sunset with the very best view of Lekki-ikoyi bridge, Ikoyi, and Victoria Island. Kayak options available in Lekki phase 1 and Ikoyi.

Cost – N3000 per hour

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