How a Single Prop Plane’s Journey Through the Caribbean Led to an Amazing New Rum

How a Single Prop Plane’s Journey Through the Caribbean Led to an Amazing New Rum

On a journey through the Caribbean, the pilot of a single-prop plane started noticing a trend as he hopped from one island to the next. Everywhere he went, the locals liked to slice the top off a coconut and pour in locally made rum, mixing the spirit with fresh coconut water. This refreshing and simple drink planted the seed for one of the most innovative and delicious new rums to hit shelves in years: Single Prop.

Most distillers just add artificial coconut flavoring to their coconut rum and call it a day. But there’s nothing revolutionary about creating real coconut-flavored rum. Single Prop set out to create something true and natural: a flavorful rum, not a flavored one.

That’s why Single Prop turned to fresh coconut water from the Caribbean, the original inspiration for the rum.


The idea was that this would lend the rum a subtle coconut flavor without any of the cloying sweetness contributed by artificially sweetened spirits. Of course, that only worked when Single Prop found the right kind of coconuts.

The best option was harvesting coconuts from the Caribbean at 10 months, just after they start producing natural sweetness. This gives the rum a silky mouthfeel and a finish with hints of banana and sugar apple.

The journey doesn’t end with a uniquely delicious rum, though. Every bottle of Single Prop comes with another authentic piece of the Caribean: caps made with coconut palm wood. These coconut trees stop producing coconuts after 70 years, so this approach gives the trees new life.


Single Prop’s commitment to sustainability extends to the plant-based shrinkwrap it uses to seal packages. The one-of-a-kind rum has also partnered with bars to take the #NoPlasticPact to start using paper or metal straws—or no straws at all. It’s part of Single Prop’s mission to help protect the oceans and islands that inspired the pilot of that fateful single-prop plane.

Every decision that went into dreaming up and distilling Single Prop rum has been true to the Carbibean. Now you can pick up a bottle and get a real, authentic taste of the islands.

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